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09/29/2023 | Power Electronics

New Research Project at the LE Department: Less Load Low Stress (L3S)

On 01.09.2023 a new research project with the title Less Load Low Stress (L3S) starts at the department of Power Electronics

The central concern of the Less Load Low Stress (L3S) project is to provide evidence and statements on converter lifetime based on cascaded H-bridges with a focus on battery storage systems that are used in conjunction with fluctuating generators such as solar and wind power plants and enable both AC- and DC-side coupling.

The project aims to demonstrate theoretically and experimentally that long lifetime and high reliability are also possible for solutions based on cascaded H-bridges. The University of Kassel is investigating individual components of the power electronics with regard to their influences in the area of service life. For this purpose, a test field for cycle tests is to be set up and corresponding investigations carried out and evaluated.

In addition to investigations at component and circuit level, the University of Kassel is also investigating scaling effects of large-scale production and is to examine which functionalities within cascaded H-bridges can be combined into individual integrated circuits and thus achieve a significant reduction in costs.


Projectpartner is the company p&e power&energy GmbH in Kassel. You can find more information on the website of EnArgus


The project has a duration of three years with a funding amount of €249,505.48.