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I²oTHack 2024 - Intelligent Internet of Things Hackathon

It is with great pleasure that we look back on the successful conclusion of I²oTHACK 2023 at the University of Kassel. With a record turnout of almost 100 talented participants, the hackathon became a center for innovation and technology. In just one weekend, the participants produced around 15 impressive projects that showcased both their technical skills and their creativity. A smart beer pong table, a talking cactus and a malware-injecting drone are just some of the remarkable inventions that playfully explore the possibilities of technology. Our special thanks go to our platinum sponsors Flavia IT, BBraun and Micromata. Their commitment, not only financially but also in terms of content, with their own exciting projects, has made an indispensable contribution to the success of I²oTHACK. We would like to thank all participants, sponsors and supporters for their inspiring creativity and commitment, which made this hackathon an unforgettable and groundbreaking event.

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