Contracts and Projects Administration


Laws and legislations concerning engineering works, contracts, industrial safety and security, relation between owner and tenant and engineering Ethics

Module type: elective module

Semester: winter

Site: Cairo (GUC)

Language: English

Workload: 60 hours course attendance; 40 hours self-study

Credits points: 4

Recommended qualifications: none


Learning Outcome

After the successful participation in the course Legislation, Contracts and Engineering Ethics the students are able to

  • Knowledge and Understanding:
    • define, describe, identify and explain the Engineering profession and what it implies in terms of technicality, legally and ethics-wise
    • undergo proper contract drafting and/or engaging in a contractual relationship with clients/fellow engineers
    • relate to the diversity of ethics’ codes, worldwide, within different venues such as environmental and computer ethics
  • Professional and Practical skills:
    • operate as a professional engineer whether in engineering practice or conduct
    • manage to mitigate the course content to junior engineers of the profession, upon reaching a senior stage
  • Intellectual Skills:
    • differentiate between business organizations
    • use, properly, the laws and regulations within the country of residence to avoid adverse circumstances/conflicts
    • exhibit ethical conduct in light of the made-available ethical codes and guidelines


  • General overview on the legal systems worldwide
  • Business Organizations
  • Hierarchy of the Syndicate of Engineers
  • Fundamentals and development of tort Law
  • Contracts and contractual relations
  • Tendering Issues
  • Breach of Contracts
  • Regulatory Aspects and Ethics
  • Ethical Problems in Engineering management and private practice
  • Environmental Ethics/Computer Ethics


  • Lecturer: Yasser Hegazy
  • Teaching method: lecture, exercise
  • SWS: 2
  • Credit points: 2
  • Examination: midterm 20%; assignment 10%; final exam 60%; quiz 10%

Learning Outcome

After the successful participation in the course Construction Contracts and Project Administration the students are able to

  • be aware of the importance of legal and contractual issues and due administration on and around construction projects and of the consequences if contractual issues are not taken serious


  • Main contractual terms and conditions of standard contract forms
  • Analysing and evaluating real case issues
  • Different areas will be introduced with its basic application tools as well as its cross links to contract administration


  • Lecturer: Tarik Youssef
  • Teaching method: lecture, exercise
  • SWS: 2
  • Credit points: 2
  • Examination: midterm assignments (1/3); final exam (2/3)