Elect­ive Mod­ules

Elect­ive Mod­ules Cairo

module titlecourse titlecourse ECTSmodule ECTSsite
Bio EnergyBio Fuels24Cairo
Potentials of Bio Waste2
Development of Renewable Energy ProjectsProject Planning and Tendering35Cairo
Project Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance2
Fundamentals of REEEConversion Processes47Cairo
Fundamentals in Energy Efficiency3
Solar Energy DevicesSolar Thermal Heating26Cairo
Concentrated Solar Thermal Devices2
Photovoltaic Devices2
Economic and Ecological Aspects of REEEEnvironmental Issues and Managing the Effects (Global Climate Change)28Cairo
Macroeconomic Aspects of RE2
Engineering Economics and Feasibility Studies for REEE2
Potentials of RE in the MENA Region and Europe2

Elect­ive Mod­ules Mon­a­stir

module titlecourse titlecourse ECTSmodule ECTSsite
Advanced Energy EngineeringApplied Heat Transfer36Monastir
Advanced Fluid Mechanics3
Energy and EnvironmentEnergy and Environmental Context, Energy Transition and Sustainable Development24Monastir
Energy and Environmental Management Systems2
Management and Engineering MathematicsNumerical Methods and Optimization35Monastir
Project Management and Industrial Marketing2
Solar Energy SubsystemsSolar Energy Collectors35Monastir
PV Solar Energy Materials2
Geothermal EnergyGeothermal Resource Identification and Development25Monastir
Geothermal Applications3
Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP)Theory and Technology of Combined Heating, Cooling & Power25Monastir
Applications of Combined Heating, Cooling & Power3

Elect­ive Mod­ules Kas­sel

module titlecourse titlecourse ECTSmodule ECTSsite
Practical Aspects of REEEGrid Integration27Kassel
 Energy Efficiency in Buildings3  
 System Aspects of Bio Power Generation2  
Project ManagementInternational Project Management25Kassel
 Project Management in Development Cooperation2  
 Energy and Society1  
RE IntegrationSmart Grids37Kassel
 Flexible Generation and Demand Side Management2  
 Bio Gas2  
Solar Energy SystemsSolar Thermal Cooling26Kassel
 Concentrated Solar Thermal Systems2  
 Photovoltaic Systems2  
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency in Cross-Sectional Technologies36Kassel
 Energy Efficiency Through Process Integration3  
Energy StorageIntroduction to Energy Storage24Kassel
 Hydrogen and Power-to-Chemical Technologies2  
Economic Activities of Germany in the MENA RegionBusiness Economic Aspects of RE24Kassel
 Potentials of German Institutions and Companies for the MENA Region2  
Wind Energy TechnologyMechanical Aspects of Wind Energy36Kassel
 Electrical Aspects of Wind Energy3  
Scientific Programming and PublishingIntroduction to MATLAB46Kassel
 Introduction to LaTeX2  

Present Chal­lenges in Re­new­able En­ergy and En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency (REEE)

The REMENA master program has established a network called REMENA university network (RUN) including three main partner-universities, namely, Cairo university (CU) in Cairo (C), university of Monastir (UM) in Monastir (M) and university of Kassel (UKAS) in Kassel (K).

In the course catalog below, different elective modules offered by UKAS are presented, from which REMENA students are able to choose a combination of 30 ECTS modules building up a module called “Present Challenges in REEE” which is described briefly in the following tables. Clearly, the students, based on their study focus, can also combine 30 ECTS credits either from this course catalog or by successfully passing a combination of elective modules, offered by CU, UKAS and/or UM and listed in the elective modules section, to be a sum of 30 ECTS credits.

module titlecourse titlecourse ECTSmodule ECTSsite
Control Oriented Modelling of AC ActuatorsInduction Machine Modelling24Sfax
 Synchronous Machine Modelling2  
FEA Modelling of AC Actuators (level 1)Electric System Modelling23Sfax
 Finite Element Modelling1  
FEA Modelling of AC Actuators (level 2)Linear Static Magnetic Analyses24Sfax
 Non-Linear Static Magnetic Analyses2  
Embedded Energy Storage SystemsStorage Systems: Case Studies24Sfax
 Sizing of Storage Systems2  
Special AC ActuatorsSwitched Reluctance Machines13Sfax
 Axial Flux Machines1  
 Transvers Flux Machines1  
Diagnosis, Monitoring and Reconfiguration of Electric Machines DrivesFaults in Electric Machine Drives13Sfax
 Faults Detection and Isolation Techniques and Methods1  
 Fault-Tolerant Control Strategies1  
Control Strategies of Electric DrivesRotor Flux Oriented Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor25Sfax
 Direct Torque Control of Three- Phase Induction Motor2  
 Direct Power Control Strategies of Three-Phase PWM Rectifiers1  
Power Electronic ConvertersPWM Control Strategies of Two-Level Inverters13Sfax
 PWM Control Strategies of Three-Level Inverters1  
 Matrix Converters and their Control Strategies1  
Embedded Generating SystemsGenerating Systems Embedded on Board of Road Vehicles14Sfax
 Modelling of Claw Pole Alternators1  
 Design Improvement of the CPA-Based Generating Systems1  
 Avionic Generating Systems1  
Rules of Writing Research DocumentsThe Scientific Paper: From Reading to Writing23Sfax
 Writing Process1  
module titlecourse titlecourse ECTSmodule ECTSsite
Optimization, Regression and ForecastingLinear and Non-Linear Optimization510Cairo (GUC)
 Production and Operations Management5  
Power SystemsPower Electronics49Cairo (GUC)
 Distributed Power Systems5  
Contracts and Projects AdministrationLegislation, Contracts and Engineering Ethics24Cairo (GUC)
 Construction Contracts and Project Administration2  
Design, Testing and ControlDesign of Experiments and Measuring Techniques515Cairo (GUC)
 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems and Control5  
 Quality Control5  
Project WorkProject1515Cairo (GUC)