Guimaraes Day 3

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Now she's gone, on her way to Kassel. We brought Kathrin to the bus station for 10:40. What a commitment for our young people. We had a lot of fun with you. Thank you very much and have a good trip!

Somewhere in France Kathrin and Uwe will be on a longitude in France at the same time, because reinforcements are coming. I don't have to drive 2300km back alone. Uwe arrives early on Sunday in our first stop to Guimaraes (~) and prepares dinner for us. I.e. the first leg I drive alone. Co-pilot Jonathan will, with the help of various navigation options, lead us there safely.

It must be emphasized again and again: This event is first and foremost international understanding. There are very direct competitors sitting at the table, sometimes 10 points ahead, sometimes 20 behind. But that's not important, they sit in a circle of chairs and talk, certainly also about their hard- and software! Quite in the sense of paragraph 1 of the rules (PDF).

Yesterday there was finally time to explore, in light rain, the place where we have been for three days now. We live "directly" on the highway. But surprisingly, we hear almost nothing about it. When we came here on Tuesday, we had to follow a "desvio". As it turned out now, that would not have been necessary at all. There was no construction site. Anyway. At the top of the mountain is the cemetery of the small village "Regilde". There is not much space up there. One grave next to the other. I imagine the funeral procession climbing up the steep hill from the church to the cemetery. Very exhausting.