If you are searching for software we used or developed for our papers and the software is not listed above yet, feel free to send and e-mail to Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sick. Your message will be answered immediately.


Fast Func­tion Ap­prox­im­a­tion Lib­rary

IES-Research team provides the fast function approximation library, which is a class-set of function approximation tools, based on growing and sliding window approaches. The library is written in C++, JAVA and Matlab. It has existing bindings for C and Python. You can use it as library or pure from source. For further information read the documentation. The sources can be downloaded here.



  • Native C++ implementation and additional C bindings
  • Native Java Implementation
  • Native Matlab Implementation
  • Python bindings from C++ library

Waver­form data set

Click here to download the waveform data set.

Europe wind­farm data set

Please contact ies-pr[at]uni-kassel[dot]de  to get access to the EuropeWindFarm data set.


Ger­manSol­ar­Farm data set

Please contact ies-pr[at]uni-kassel[dot]de to get access to the GermanSolarFarm data set.


Syn­thetic Photo­vol­taic and Wind Power Fore­cast­ing Data

Click here to download the Synthetic Photovoltaic and Wind Power Forecasting data set.