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01/31/2023 | Intelligent Embedded Systems

Pub­lished journal art­icle within "Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems"

The journal article "Context-aware recommendations for extended electric vehicle battery lifetime" von Markus Eider, Bernhard Sick und Andreas Berl was published in Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems (SUSCOM). 

Abstract: Electric vehicles are a means of reducing CO2 emissions in transportation. However, the sustainability of electric vehicle batteries is affected by battery health degradation, which decreases their overall lifetime. This results in a substantial amount of depleted batteries due to replacements. Users have a major impact on battery health degradation through their actions while handling electric vehicles, such as the use of fast charging. To mitigate this problem, this article presents a methodology to generate user guidance for battery-friendly actions in the upcoming use. Therefore, we first identify general recommendations from related work and combine them with the vehicle context in order to define context-aware recommendations in the form of if–then rules. These context-aware recommendations are then used to generate user advice. Second, the article covers how to predict the vehicle context in order to determine necessary recommendations. Third, a prescriptive recommendation system architecture is proposed, which takes vehicle context information, and produces user guidance. Finally, we test the proposed architecture using fuzzy logic as decision system. Overall, the architecture provides satisfactory user advice.

You can find the article here: link