A major research focus of the Department of Microwave Electronics is the development of accurate models to accurately describe the behavior of various microwave components such as new transistors in order to design electronic circuits that are used in microwave systems for example in mobile stations. The research activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Characterization and modeling of microwave devices and system components
  • Development of innovative components and algorithms in the field of microwave measurements
  • Design of microwave circuits (hybrid and monolithic)
  • Analysis of high-speed devices
  • esign and optimization of short-range radar sensors
    (Microwave and optical)
  • Realization and characterization of components for use in reconfigurable systems

Current Reasearch

Current Research Topics:

  • GaN Power Amplifier Design for UMTS Application
  • Intermodulation distortion measurement, localization, optimization
  • Sweet Spot Analysis
  • Power Amplifier Architectures for PAE Optimization
  • Advanced measurement setups for power device and power amplifier characterization (power, PAE, IMD3, IMD5, IMD7, Memory, RF and Envelope Source/Load-Pull)
  • Power Device Modeling (incl. IMD)
  • UWB radar (distance meter)
  • Laser radar (velocity meter)