Module nameProject
Type of moduleCompulsory
Learning results,
competencies, qualification goals
The student is able to:
  • design and implement new applications,
  • analyse  and solve challenging problems alone as well as in  cooperation with other students,
  • reflect in a team and deal constructively with questions of work organisation, conflicts that occurred or to be able to situate one’s own work in the economic and social contexts,
  • gain knowledge when required from literature or experiments
  • regarding computer science  and applications,
  • train other students.
Types of courses4 SWS (semester periods per week) : project
Course contentsVariable contents depending on the current choice of topics
Teaching and learning methods
(forms of teaching and learning)
Frequency of the module offering
Requirements for the
participation in the module
Prerequisites according to examination regulations
Student  workload180 h:   60 h attendance studies
             120 h personal studies
Academic performancesNone
Precondition for the
admission to the
examination performance
Examination performanceWritten elaboration and presentation
Number of credits
of the module
8 credits

In charge of the module
Teacher of the module
Forms of media
Literature referencesDepending on the chosen topic

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