Selected topics on Programming languages and techniques according to IEC 61131-3

Module nameSelected topics on Programming languages and techniques according to IEC 61131-3
Type of moduleCompulsory
Learning results,
competencies, qualification goals
The student is able to:
  • develop and test programmes, function blocks and functions according to the international standard IEC 61131-3,
  • explain the functionality of the language elements,
  • organise, classify and analyse programme sequences by means of the standard IEC 61131-3,
  • document and evaluate the results in a critical way.

Learning results with regard to the objectives of the course of study:
  • Gaining deeper insight into the mathematical and natural science areas.
  • Gaining a deeper knowledge about the specific electrical basics.
  • Acquiring enhanced and applied subject-specific basics.
  • Identifying and classifying complex electro-technical and interdisciplinary tasks.
  • Being confident in the ability to use and evaluate analytical methods.
  • Being able to create and evaluate solving methods independently.
  • Familiarising oneself with new areas of knowledge, running searches and assessing the results.
  • Gaining important and profound experience in the area of practical technical skills and engineering activities.
  • Working and researching in national and international contexts.
Types of courses4 SWS (semester periods per week):       2 SWS lecture
                                                                 2 SWS exercise
Course contents
  • Designing programmes as well as function blocks and models in a structured way according to the IEC 61131-3, by means of the function block diagram and the sequential function chart.
  • Applying language elements that are compliant with the standard IEC 61131-3.
  • Providing an introduction to the international standards.
Teaching and learning methods
(forms of teaching and learning)
Lecture, presentation, learning by teaching, self-regulated learning, problem-based learning
Frequency of the module offeringWinter term
Requirements for the
participation in the module
Prerequisites according to examination regulations
Student  workload180 h:   60 h attendance studies
             120 h personal studies
Academic performances2 documentations/reports 6-10 pages in the pre-specified format
Precondition for the
admission to the
examination performance
Examination performanceElectronic exam (including programming task) 120-180 min.
Number of credits
of the module
6 credits

In charge of the moduleDr. Michael Schwarz
Teacher of the moduleDr. Michael Schwarz and co-workers
Forms of mediaProjector, black board, piece of paper, demonstrations and design work at the PC
Literature references
  • K.-H. John, M. Tiegelkamp, SPS-Programmierung nach IEC 61131-3, Springer Verlag 2000,
  • Günter Wellenreuther, Dieter Zastrow, Automatisieren mit SPS – Theorie und Praxis. Viegweg+Teubner, GMV Fachverlage GmbH, 2011,
  • Karl Pusch, Grundkurs IEC 1131, Vogel Fachbuch 1999, - Heinrich Lepers, SPS Programmierung nach IEC 61131-3 FranzisVerlag GmbH 2005.
  • More reference literature is going to be recommended in the course

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