2D Particle Tracking

Tracking of two-dimensional position and orientation of actively motion-controlled magnetic micro- and nano-particles over flat surfaces

Sketch of motion characteristics of rotating magnetic Janus particles, fabricated by capping a polymeric particle by magnetic metallic layers (inducing different optical contrast on the two sides.

Magnetic micro- and nano-particles are discussed as central functional elements in lab-on-chip or micro-analytical systems. Their motion over a chip-surface in a liquid is indicative for the acting forces and can be used as a probe for analytes binding to the particle or the opposing chip surface. Automated position tracking of many particles at the same time will ultimately allow analyte detection with small statistical uncertainties. If anisotropic particles are used (e.g. particles with two different surface materials on two sides) also the orientation of the particle during their motion is an important information. This project is dedicated to develop an AI based software to automatically identify moving particles in recorded videos, to track their positions and to determine their orientations due to the acting forces as functions of time.