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Malicious Relais in 5G Wireless Systems
Raja Sulochana, 13.07.2023

Switching Among Various Access Techniques in Cell-Free mMIMO for 6G Wireless Communication
Muhammad Ali, 13.07.2023

Cell-Free Massive MIMO System with an Adaptive Switching Algorithm between NOMA and OMA Modes
Abdullah Ibrahimi, 13.10.2023


Signal Processing for 5G and Beyond
Ashkan Kiani, 05.10.2022


Multiuser Detection in Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Using Successive Interference Cancellation
Aamir Iqbal, 21.1.2021

Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Communication Systems
Jyothireddy Ajaykumarreddy, 21.01.2021

Performance Comparison of Packet Combining Schemes inOFDM Systems Employing Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Protocols
Gurleen Singh Sohal, 06.05.2021

Performance of Low Density Parity Check Codes for Transmissionover AWGN Channels
Rashid Khouli, 06.05.2021

Min-Sum Decoding Algorithm for Regular and Irregular Low-Density Parity-Check Codes in AWGN
Fariba Armandoust, 06.05.2021

Performance of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes forMulti-Carrier Transmission over Fading Channels
Atal Roghman, 06.05.2021

Channel Encoding for 5G Wireless Systems
Arshman Asad, 06.05.2021

Joint Detection for Downlink Non Orthogonal Multiple Access Transmission
Jannis Höhre, 06.05.2021

Channel Estimation of Massive MIMO in Fifth Generation (5G)
Yasaman Abdollahian, 06.05.2021


Wireless Backhauling for 5G Systems
Youssef Ahmed Rawy Baghdady, 05.03.2020


Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Based Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) System
Ayinhu Soyolyn, 13.03.2019

Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Based Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) System
Tianchi Gu, 13.03.2019

Channel Estimation for Indoor and Outdoor Scenarios
Ebraam Khalifa, 07.05.2019

Applicability of Machine Learning Approaches in Cognitive Radio – Use of Support Vector Machines in a Spectrum Occupancy Prediction Scheme
Subhyal Bin Iqbal, 25.06.2019

Wireless Communication Functional System Description for OSI Cross-Layer Optimization
Yashar Fasihi Dalilar, 28.08.2015

A Survey on Filter Bank Spectrum Estimation in Cognitive Radio
Dennis Knitterscheidt, 30.09.2019

An Upper-bound on Probability of Undetected Error for Safe Wireless Communication System
Ahmad Hamada, 16.10.2019

Adaptive Codulation for Wireless Systems
Pukar Shakya, 31.10.2019


The Road To 5G
Younus Dhannoon Younus, 23.01.2018

Survey of Cross-Layer Optimization with Quality of Service Management in Wireless Communications
Bich Phuong Duong, 27.02.2018


Hybrid Approach to Cognitive Radio – A comparative Study of Interweave and Underlay Approaches
Vaddadi V. K. Praneeth, 07.12.2017


A Comprehensive Survey on Implemented Time Frequency Spectrum Sensing Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks and Possible Reliable and Applicable Methods
Ehsan Azadbar, 01.02.2016


Random Matrix Theory and its Applications in Wireless Communications
Abdelrahman Kamel, 13.05.2015

Compressed Sensing Algorithms and Applications
Shady Ibrahim, 10.07.2015

A Comprehensive Survey of Entropy Estimators and Applications
Mohammed Adel Ibrahim Saleh, 04.08.2015

Performance Analysis of Second Order Statistic Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing
Yashar Fasihi Dalilar, 28.08.2015

A Survey on Filter Bank Spectrum Estimation in Cognitive Radio
Dawoud Suliman Khalifa, 26.10.2015

Improvement of GPS Altitude Accuracy by use of a Reference Ground Benchmark
Naveen Tammireddy, 06.12.2015


Channel Coding performance of systematic turbo and LDPC codes
Bikramjeet Buragohain, 03.02.14

Performance comparison of state-of-the-art closed-loop MIMO Systems with recursive spatial multiplexing (RSM)
Amr Mohamed Esbitan, 16.02.14

MIMO channel measurements in an indoor environment with interference
Ibrahim Ahmad Rashdan, 22.04.14

Time-Frequency Distributions, Short-Time Fourier Transform and Multiple Window Time-Frequeny Analysis - A Literature Survey
Mohammad Soliman, 23.06.14

Pareto-efficient distributed beamforming algorithms
Mohammed Ramadan, 25.06.14

Effect of a Frequency Selective Fading Channel on a DFT Modulated Filter Bank Transceiver
Prajwal Makkimane Keshavamurthy, 29.09.14

N-Element Linear Array Antenna Use In Instrument Landing System
Negar Nourollahi, 01.10.14

Conversion of MATLAB Implementation of a Reconfigurable Receiver to a VHDL Implementation Using HDL Coder Tool Box
SriHarsha Korada, 19.11.14


A comprehensive survey of the state of art dynamic spectrum access protocols for cognitive wireless network
Pooja Bellad, 08.03.13

Performance analysis and comparison between OFDMA and SC-FDMA
Kastriot Ymeri, 02.05.13

Transceiver Design for Ultra-Wideband based wireless body area networks
Yasin Karan, 17.05.13

A comprehensive study of the coexistence between different technologies n the 2.4 Ghz ISM band
Dinesh Zope, 03.12.13


Implementing Search Algorithms for Determining the Decoding Order in C/C++,
Ralph Hawi, 02.05.12, pdf

Determining the Number of States in WSN & Maximizing the Throughput Using Reinforcement Learning,
Usama Mohamad, 30.05.12, pdf

Application of Paraunitary DFT Filter Banks for Spectrum Estimation in Cognitive Radio,
Ahmed Saad, 30.05.2012

Distributed Beamforming in Interference-Limited Scenarios,
Nour Mansour, 11.10.2012, pdf

Investigation of Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio,
Saikiran Telker, 27.11.2012


Cognitive Radio Access Strategies Building on Markov Decision Processes
Tilahun Melkamu Getu, 04.02.11,

Gaining Insight in Feature Extraction: Character Extraction and Recognition,
Tigist Gebeyehu, 07.04.11,

Gaining Insight in Feature Extraction: Methods for Text Localization and Segmentation,
Mridula Sharma, 08.03.11,

Gaining Insight in Feature Extraction: Methods for Interest Point Detection,
Supreeth R. Vasisht, 21.07.11,

Challenges in Distributed Beamforming: Carrier Synchronization,
Lu Miao, 22.09.11, pdf

Comparing ARQ and HARQ Protocols for WSN and MIMO Systems,
Praveen Rego, 22.09.11, pdf

Extending Algorithms for Determining the Decoding Order by the Usage of an MMSE Approach, Iurii Motroniuk, 17.11.11


DSP Signal Generator Implementation on C6713 DSK,
Kamran Khan, 18.01.10, pdf

Channel Sounding Measurement Analysis Tool,
Ibrahim Asghar Shah, 28.01.10, pdf

Synchronization and Phase Characteristics of Wireless Testbed Nodes,
Ubaid Ur Rehman, 05.02.10,

VSG/VSA Based Software License Testing,
Muhammad Khurram Ehsan, 18.02.10,

Design of Tight Gabor Frames via Convex Optimization,
Tingting Wu, 15.06.10,

Wireless Sensor Networks based on SimpliciTI Protocol,
Bhagya Kakarla, Bochang Li, 05.07.10,

Overview of LTE,
Zelalem Belay, 27.09.10,

FPGA Based Frequency Measurement for the Purpose of Synchronization,
Moneer Al-Bokhaiti, 14.10.10, pdf

Optimization of paraunitary filter banks using quasi-newton methods,
Marvin Barahona, 02.11.10,

Gaining insight in feature extraction using Gabor filters and classification methods,
Rana AlHalaseh, 15.11.10,


Digital Signal Processing Applications Using C6713 DSK,
Zemene Walle Mekonnen, 27.02.09, pdf

Extending a MATLAB Transceiver Module for Broadband Cooperative Diversity Simulations,
Jyoti Chandra Shrestha, 28.02.09, pdf

Creating and Performing WiMAX Physical Layer Simulations in MATLAB,
Khalid Taher Mohammed Al-Hussaini, 05.03.09, pdf

Programming a DAB Receiver in MATLAB,
Anwar Maresh Qahtan Saeed, 09.03.09, pdf

Generation of DAB Signals Using MATLAB,
Mohammad Alawieh, 16.03.09