Impera Head

Integrated Mission Planning for Distributed Robot Systems (IMPERA)


The research project IMPERA analyses strategies for distributed mission- and task-planning for extraterrestrial missions. An example is the exploration of an unknown lunar environment by a team of mobile robots. Planning is done in the context of mobile and distributed robot systems, which may be heterogeneous and allow for high-level planning. IMPERA aims at a standard modular planning architecture using a software framework, which runs integrated and distributed on multiple robot systems.

Project Objectives

The Distributed System research group focuses in the project IMPERA on the theoretical foundations of a computational language to describe missions. On this basis a planning system will be developed, which copes with limited resources, such as energy, and different heterogeneous skills. The core areas of the project can be classified as follows:

    Coordination strategy
    Spatial Reasoning for teams of robots


Final Report/Video

You can find the final report here.