Oberseminar - Sudeep Sharan

An autonomous assistive robot for elderly and handicapped people

Abstract: Elderly people population is growing very fast, and in the coming years the proportion of elder people will increase significantly. This will create a huge increase in demand for domestic and health care services. Domestic service robots that can assist with the care of elderly and handicapped people could be part of the solution. However, assistive robots are still under development and are not widely in use, unlike industrial robots. An industrial robot engineering approach is found to be unsuitable or insufficient to handle some main problems like autonomy, adaptability, safety, human-robot interaction and costs.
We present the design of the autonomous assistive robot “Roswitha” (Robot System with Autonomy) for the home, with special emphasis on the end user requirements and the tasks to be performed.
Important design issues are localization, mapping, path planning, environmental sensing, object differentiation and cooperative robot arm control.

Time: 26.10.2016, 10:30 am

Location: Room 1405, WA 73