Educational coaching

The University of Kassel would like to implement a coaching offer for students in the faculties. Coaches will be offered certified training to prepare and support them for this task. The training program is aimed at permanent teaching staff or academic staff who are interested in supporting students professionally with coaching.


The educational coaching training:

The departments internally select persons to participate in the training and to take over the tasks of educational coaching in the teaching units in the future. As a selected employee in your teaching unit, you can register for a training round.

There are 12 places available per training round. Select the desired date from the training courses below and register using the registration form provided. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Due to the limited number of places, you will receive a final confirmation of registration only afterwards (places are allocated according to the date of receipt).

Educational coaching is a counseling process tailored to the individual needs of students. The subject matter is questions and problems related to the individual educational or study process. The coach enables the identification of problem causes and supports the search for and initialization of solution processes. In coaching, students can learn to solve problems independently, to further develop behavior and attitudes, and to study effectively.

  • Through the educational coaches, students in difficult phases of their studies experience a professional approach and receive targeted support.
  • They feel perceived as a person.
  • In coaching, they gain clarity about their goals, build up their own study skills and develop action strategies for the various challenges of the study phases.
  • This enables them to make the right decisions for their path through their studies.
  • They study with more motivation and success.
  • Participants acquire scientifically based coaching competencies in a flexible and practice-oriented learning setting.
  • The participants acquire a coaching attitude.
  • They learn a versatile repertoire of methods from experts from various coaching disciplines.
  • They network with educational coaches from other disciplines.
  • They are supported in developing and shaping their own subject-related coaching offer and profile that suits them as a person.
Acquisition of competencies: theory and practice in eight module components, duration six months in total, three days of classroom sessions, two ½-day live online sessions, time required for self-study approx. 1.5 hours per week, supervised educational coaching.
Acquisition of competencies: theory and practice in eight module components, duration six months in total, three days of attendance units, two ½-day live online units, time required for self-study approx. 1.5 hours per week, final learning opportunity: e-exam.

The educational coaching training is organized in a blended learning format with a temporal scope of 224 units (64 units in presence/video conference, 160 units as accompanied self-study, one unit= 45 minutes) distributed over 2 semesters. It consists of two consecutive modules (module 1 and 2), as well as an integrated, supervised educational coaching. The time period for completing a module is 1 semester. The supervised educational coaching, starts during the first module and ends during the second module. The e-examination at the end of module 2 represents a learning opportunity to become familiar with the e-examination format and to take the student's perspective.The training is completed with a certificate. In the period from 01.10.2023 to 31.12.2025, additional monthly, three-hour, training-related group supervision sessions are offered.

Would you like to become an educational coach?

Then you can register here - after coordination in your teaching units - for one of the two training courses.

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