Teaching-Learning CompetenciesUniversity ofKassel- Your continuing education program in higher education didactics

The continuing education program LLukas (Teaching-Learning Competencies University of Kassel) is offered for academic staff, teachers for special tasks and lecturers at the University of Kassel. Professors of the University of Kassel are very welcome.

The LLukas certificate can be completed within one year with a scope of 120 work units (a total of 90 time hours, equivalent to 3 credits).

The program is divided into two successive stages, each lasting one semester and comprising 45 hours of work (equivalent to 1.5 credits). It is scheduled to begin at the beginning of the winter semester and summer semester of each year.

The program start - the first stage - includes a basic qualification in higher education didactics "Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning" with self-learning, presence and transfer phases, collegial observation and the creation of a first digital teaching portfolio, spread over the period of one semester. The start is possible in a fixed group (cohort, max. twelve participants) twice a year.

This basic qualification is the basis and prerequisite for participating in the second stage of LLukas. The second stage also starts at the beginning of each semester. Participation in stage 2 can be chosen according to personal time planning considerations and does not have to follow immediately after the first stage.

In this stage, the participants are divided into fixed small groups of 6 participants each. Participation can be chosen according to personal time planning considerations and does not have to follow immediately after the first phase.

Throughout the course, participants work on their own course and on an excerpt from it. This "workpiece" represents the individual thread for the participant through the training. Formatively and summatively, the participants can document their individual competence development in a digital teaching portfolio and thus also evaluate it. The digital teaching portfolio also offers the possibility of publication in different contexts and scopes. A presentation and discussion as a final performance in the group is one of these possibilities. It is also conceivable as an application document in appointment procedures.

In the presence short formats are used, the self-study is accompanied by digital offers. The valuable presence time (group) serves the transfer, the application, the feedback, the trial action, the collegial observation and the exchange.

The cost per level is 225 euros. Only employees of the University of Kassel who work in university teaching can participate. There are continuing education agreements for academic staff with most departments and subject areas.

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