06/22/2023 | Language Centre

Application for withdrawal from the examination and an alternative date (rewrite appointment)

You can apply for a withdrawal from the exam / a retake exam only for a valid reason.

These are:

• Illness, accident, illness or death of a close family member, etc.

• Other (family celebration, job, internship started at short notice or stress etc.) are not considered as valid reasons for withdrawing from an exam. 

Please note:

  1. Deadline: A request for withdrawal from the exam/make-up exam must be made as soon as the reason for the impediment is known. Subsequent requests will not be accepted. After 31.08. for courses of the summer semester and after the end of the first week of March for courses of the winter semester it is no longer possible to submit an application.

  2. ONLY students at the University of Kassel who have the ECTS CREDITED to their degree programme are entitled to make-up or retake their exam.

  3. In derogation from point 1, applications for a resit of exams taken to complete a UNIcert® level (= UNIcert® I, Part 4, German UNIcert® II, English UNIcert® II, Part 3, separate UNIcert® III exam) can be made regardlessby of status. However, a fee of €30 (resp. €79 for external guests) is due for all persons not mentioned under 2. 

 Where do I submit the application?You can find the application under Quicklinks. If the Language Centre approves your application, you will receive a registration code for the exam.

Good to know: Even if you do not take the exam, you can apply for a certificate of attendance (without grade and without ECTS), if your attendance has been sufficient (at least 60%). Please contact: sz[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.