Application for withdrawal from the exam / make-up an exam

Note: A request for withdrawal from the exam/make-up exam  must be made as soon as the reason for the impediment is known. Subsequent requests will not be accepted.

In case of unforeseeable events such as illness, etc., the request must be notified immediately.

If the withdrawal / application for a resit is not made in due time, the reason must be supported by appropriate documentation.

Deadlines: An application to retake the exam / to withdraw from the examination and an alternativ date as well as a registration for the resit must be made at the latest:

* Exam from WS: by the end of the first week of March

* Exam from SoSe: no later than 31 August

Form - Exam - Withdrawal - Make-Up Exam
I hereby apply for a make-up exam concerning the course:
Please note:

1. In principle, ONLY students at the University of Kassel who have the ECTS CREDITED to their degree programme are entitled to make-up or retake their exam.

2. In derogation from point 1, applications for a resit of exams taken to complete a UNIcert® level (= UNIcert® I, Part 4, German UNIcert® II, English UNIcert® II, Part 3, separate UNIcert® III exam) can be made regardlessby of status. However, a fee of €30 (resp. €72 for external guests) is due for all persons not mentioned under 1.

3. Reasons for applying for a make-up exam according to § 15 of the General Regulations for Subject Examination Regulations with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the University of Kassel:
• Illness, accident, illness or death of a close family member, etc. (please enclose supporting documents)
• Other (an unexpectedly high burden, misplanning of events such as a family celebration, job, internship started at short notice or stress etc., are no valid reasons for withdrawing from an exam.

We will review your request

If we can approve your request, we will send you a registration code for the next possible exam date via email. You must use this code to register for the exam promptly and by the deadline (3 weeks prior to the exam).

You can find the "Registration for Resit" course in the course offering under the respective language. 


If we cannot admit you to the resit, you will also be notified by mail.


If you have any questions, you can contact: 


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