Buddy Pro­gramme

What is the Buddy Pro­gramme about?

Experienced Kassel University students can accompany international students as they find their way around campus and navigate their studies whilst benefitting from the intercultural and linguistic exchange.

Goal: The Buddy Programme makes it easier for international students to begin their student life in Kassel and offers all participants the chance to improve their language skills, make friends and enhance their intercultural skills.

You're a Ger­man-speak­ing stu­dent? Be­come a Buddy Guide.

You are a German-speaking student, in your second semester or higher, and would like to help and mentor an international student? Benefit from this unique intercultural experience!

You're a German-speaking student? Become a Buddy Guide.: INFO / Registration for Guides

You're an In­ter­na­tional Stu­dent? Find your Buddy Guide!

You are an international student or doctoral student? Find an experienced German-speaking student to help you settle in at the University of Kassel!

You're an International Student? Find your Buddy Guide!: INFO / Registration - Intern. Students

Con­tact Us

If you have any further questions, please contact Radmer Van der Aalst.