Learning Objectives and Seminar Programme

Why gain intercultural competence?
Good intercultural communication skills are a prerequisite for a successful stay abroad and an essential qualification to succeed in today`s globalised world.

Who is the seminar for?
This course is designed for exchange and German students alike.

What exactly will you learn in this course?
In the seminar, you will learn to both explore the concept of culture and its dimensions and to practice and develop skills concerning intercultural sensitivity, competence and communication between people with diverse cultural backgrounds. The intercultural encounter inside and outside the classroom will enable you to reflect on your own intercultural experience and will allow you to connect theory to real life situations.

What methods are used in this course?
Intercultural learning does not only mean the acquisition of knowledge, but also the acquisition of competences and personal development. Therefore, in addition to classical teaching methods, the seminar uses interactive forms such as role plays, simulations, discussions and presentations.

Good to know!
The seminar is bilingual: the course language is English but the final paper can be submitted in either German or English. Your knowledge of English should be at least intermediate level to be able to participate in the discussions etc.
You receive 2 ECTS for your active participation and for a presentation.
And a further 2 ECTS can be awarded for an additional term paper.
Please ask your department if ECTS can be credited to your degree programme and if so, how many.


Select "Key Qualification" ("Schlüsselqualifikation") from our course list, then "Interkulturelle Kommunikation / Intercultural Communication".