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The following people can sign up directly for a class during the registration period and without a placement test:

  • Participants who have completed an English language course successfully here at the Language Centre during the last two semesters. 

  • Please use your registration code to sign up for the next higher course. This code is sent to participants by e-mail no later than one day before registration is activated.

Registration for our courses


Anyone with knowledge of English acquired outside Kassel University’s Language Centre and wishing to attend a course needs to take a placement test PRIOR to signing up for a class:

Registration  for the Placement Test English.


We offer language courses from the level of UNIcert I, part 4 (equivalent to B1) to the level of UNIcert III, modules A and B (equivalent to C1-). In addition, we offer English for Specific Purposes (ESP) classes (e.g., English for Architecture, Urban and Landscape Planning; English for Civil/Environmental Engineers; Technical English (FB 15 and 16); ESP English for students at the KhK).

In order to view our English courses (incl. ESP), please follow the links: Courses and English and select your department there.

We also offer a tailor-made course specifically for international PhD students and Junior Scholars.

We are UNIcert® accredited for the levels I to III. The UNIcert® Certification System is based on a framework agreement reached by German universities. This allows for a greater uniformity of the process of certifying foreign language skills in a university environment. Thus resulting in a certificate proving foreign language skills which is also accepted outside universities.


Further info on UNIcert®

Our placement tests help us assess your current level of English and find the most appropriate course for you.

Please sign up for a free placement test during the registration period using the link at the bottom.

After the test is completed, we will take a look at your result and send you a course recommendation in combination with a registration code for this recommended course. We will try to send you the registration code for the course of your preference if possible.

This registration code is bound to a specific level of English and needs to be typed in during the process of online course registration. You can only sign up for the level of English stated in our course recommendation for you (we take the placement test results in consideration).

Online registration is normally open four weeks before the start of the semester. In this period, you can also take a placement test.

Please note that students studying for a Bachelor degree from the Institute for Business Law (IWR) cannot register for these placement tests. There are separate placement test appointments and a separate registration process for these students from the Institute for Business Law (IWR) (see Moodle course "Informationen zum Bachelor-Studiengang Wirtschaftsrecht"). IWR students on the Bachelor degree programme cannot register here.


Registration (Placement Test English)

Do you want to practise your language skills outside the classroom? Students who would like to get in touch with a variety of native speakers at the University are paired together in this programme to form a Tandem language exchange. Each partner helps the other practise their respective mother tongue. For example, an English exchange student could help a German student practise English, while the German partner could help the English student practise German. Together, you can both make progress in your language learning.


Tandem Programme

If you have read this page and the FAQs and still have questions, please get in touch with the contact partners at the Language Centre:


For general questions

Send an email to: 



For further questions, contact ...

Frau Iris Paulsfeld

Frau Alison Franklin (IWR students)

Frau Melanie Brück

Herr Dr. Mario Ebest (English for Specific Purposes)

Click here for the Language Centre staff list

Instructions for the use of VPN
For data security reasons, you can register for our programmes with an installed VPN client. This can be installed by all students and employees of the University of Kassel.
Instructions for the use of VPN
If you have technical problems installing the VPN client, please do NOT contact the Language Centre, but the IT Service Centre: +49-(0)561-804-5678 oder https://www.uni-kassel.de/its/startseite/it-servicedesk
If you are not an enrolled student or employee of the University of Kassel, please contact: sz[at]uni-kassel[dot]de or for the DSH: dsh-deutschkurse[at]uni-kassel[dot]de