Advisory Board LEO

An advisory board with a student majority accompanies the development of LEO - Lernort. The aim is to contribute to improving the structural and infrastructural study conditions at the University of Kassel with the systematic involvement of students. The advisory board consists of six student representatives, a professor, the head of the Teaching Service Center , the head of the Studierendenwerk, the head of the department Building, Technology and Real Estate and a technical-administrative employee.


Members of the Advisory Board



Simone Blum, Teaching Service Center

Konrad Winter, AStA


Student Council

Sandra Bökelmann

Sebastian Ehlers

Michael Heni

Carina Röcher

Sinan Tonguc, representative LeoS - Student Learning and Writing Consultancy



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Theobald, FB 14: Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management


Teaching Service Center

Dr. Christiane Borchard


Student Services

Christa Ambrosius


Department of Construction, Engineering and Real Estate

Karl Haase