Advisory Board SCL

The work of the Teaching Service Center is supported by a scientific advisory board. This advisory board advises the Teaching Service Center on structural development as well as on the development of the teaching program and other content-related offerings. The advisory board consists of the Vice President for Studies and Teaching, four professors, two academic staff members, a student representative of the University of Kassel, the head of the Department for Studies and Teaching and a member of the departments for research and teaching development planning.


Members of the Advisory Board

Vice President for Studies and Teaching

Prof. Dr. René Matzdorf



Prof. Dr. David-Samuel Di Fuccia, FB 10: Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Claude Draude, FB16: Electrical Engineering/Computer Science

Prof.Dr. Theresia Höynck, FB 01 Institute for Social Sciences

Prof.Dr. Armin Kibele, FB 5: Social Sciences

Prof.Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister, FB 07 Institute of Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Werner Seim, FB 14 Department of Building Conservation and Timber Construction

Prof.Dr. Karin Zander, FB 11 Agricultural and Food Marketing


Research assistants

Hendrijke Schmittpott-Schulz, FB 10: Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Silke Seuring, FB 1: Human Sciences


Student Representation

General Student Committee of the University of Kassel (AStA)


Center for Teacher Education

Dr. Ellen Christoforatou


Department of Studies and Teaching

Dr. Florian Buch


Department of Development Planning

Markus Knierim