Feststellungsprüfung (FSP)

Feststellungsprüfung (The FSP is an exam which tests the suitability of students for studying at a German university.)

  • Applicants for the Studienkolleg have foreign school certificates, which do not entitle them to start studying at a German university. By passing the FSP they show that they have the skills and knowledge required to do so.
  • Most applicants are unable to pass the FSP without special preparation. Therefore, they normally attend preparatory classes at a Studienkolleg. These classes take two semesters and consist of 32 to 34 lessons (45 minutes per lesson) per week.
  • The FSP takes place once per year (in June or July) at the Studienkolleg. It can be repeated only once and only at the same Studienkolleg.
  • The FSP certificate is recognized in all German federal states following their respective education regulations.

Subjects in the FSP (Feststellungsprüfung)

Prüfungsordnung zur Feststellung der Hochschulreife (Feststellungsprüfung)

External Exam (taking the FSP without having attended classes at the Studienkolleg)

External Exam (FSP)


It is possible to take the FSP without having attended classes at the Studienkolleg under the following conditions:

  • Conditional admission by Kassel university
  • Very good grades in foreign school or university certificates (at least grade “2” in the German marking system)
  • Very good German skills (Goethe certificate or others on level C1; 800 to 1,000 German lessons)
  • Attendance of at least one consultation at the Studienkolleg
  • Permission is granted by the head of the Studienkolleg

The application for the external exam must be completed, including all the required documents, by 31 January. The external exam can only be taken in the summer semester (June).



Supplementary Exam

Some applicants may have passed the FSP,  but wish to study a subject that they are not entitled to study to because of the course they have attended (T course or W course). If their foreign final school certificate entitles them to study the subject they wish, they can take a supplementary exam.

This covers the academic areas which are required for the newly chosen subject. Grades that have already been given in the FSP are taken into account, following the examination regulations of the federal state in question.