Application and Admittance

All documents sent by applicants with school certificates taken outside Germany (Abitur, A level exam, High School Diploma, Baccalauréat, Gaocao or similar) will be pre-checked by uni-assist.

Information on the application process can be found here as well as under uni-assist.

You must first register on the uni-assist platform. Then submit your application for admission online and upload your documents. Do not send any application documents by post to uni-assist.  It is not possible to apply for a specific course (T-course or W-course). Instead, you are applying for a degree-course (e. g. Mechanical Engineering) of your choice. Depending on your degree-course subject, you will either attend T-course or W-course.

Subjects of study at the University of Kassel

Subjects of Study at Fulda University of Applied Sciences

By applying for a study place at the universities of Kassel or Fulda, you automatically apply as well for a place at the Studienkolleg Kassel.

The Registrar's Office (Studierendensekretariat) of the University of Kassel or the International Office of Fulda University of Applied Sciences will inform you whether you will be admitted to the entrance test of the Studienkolleg.

Please do not send any application documents to the Studienkolleg!

Please upload, together with your application form, the following documents:

  • final school certificate with subjects and grades in the original language
  • any entrance tests to universities with subjects and grades in the original language (for those applicants who have already started a degree course at university)
  • any university examinations with subjects and grades in the original language (for those applicants who have already completed a degree course at university)
  • certified translations of the documents above if they are not in English or German
  • language certificate proving German skills on level B1 and the attendance of at least 400 lessons
  • DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) qualification (for those applicants who have taken the DSH exam)
  • proof of any relevant work experience (for those courses where work experience is part of the entrance conditions)
  • passport with residential status

In case you are admitted to the Studienkolleg, you will need to enrol at university. For the enrolment procedure, you will be asked to send your application documents by post.

Please send certified photocopies only. Do not send any original documents. Do not send any documents to the Studienkolleg.


If you apply for admittance at the Studienkolleg, you must prove that you have German skills at level B1: either a standardized B1 certificate (Goethe, telc, DSD I, TestDaF 4x TDN-3 or the like) or another successfully completed B1 course in connection with the attendance of at least 400 German lessons. In the latter case, the proof of having attended at least 400 German lessons must be submitted even if you have a certificate on a level that is higher than B1. A mere registration form for a German course is not sufficient in any case!

Here you can find the complete list of all accepted language certificates for the Studienkolleg; see under "4. Mindestvoraussetzung für eine Bewerbung zur Aufnahmeprüfung des Studienkollegs".

The certificates proving the above requirements must be submitted together with the application form.

In Kassel, you can attend German classes for beginners at the Volkshochschule or at private language schools.

Further information about admittance at a Studienkolleg is available on the German Studienkollegs' homepage.


The Studienkolleg Kassel and the majority of degree courses at the universities of both Kassel and Fulda start in the winter semester only. Since the admission test for the winter semester already takes place in June each year, please apply early for a study program/the Studienkolleg at the University of Kassel.
(For the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, the application deadline is April 30 each year).

Entrance Test

In order to be admitted at the Studienkolleg you need to pass an entrance test in German and in Mathematics. It ascertains a satisfactory level of your German skills enabling you to follow the classes and of your mathematical knowledge.

The entrance test in German consists of a C-test (sample). The entrance test in Mathematics (sample) covers mainly topics of middle school level, for example:

  • Fractions, decimal numbers, powers
  • Percentage calculation
  • Linear and quadratic equations, fraction and root equations
  • Conversion of terms (binomial formula, squares)
  • Functions in the coordinate system
  • Geometrical shapes (Pythagoras’ theorem, intercept theorems, area and volume calculations)

The entrance test takes place yearly at the end of June. Admission to the Studienkolleg is dependent on the results in the test.


The next entrance test will be on 24 June 2023.


All entrance tests taken in Studienkollegs in the federal state of Hessen will be on the same day.

Final Reminder: Application Steps

  1. Choose a degree subject.
  2. Register at uni-assist and submit your application form online.
  3. Upload your application documents at uni-assist.
  4. Pay the handling fee.
  5. The next entrance test at the Studienkolleg is 24 June 2023.