Supervision of Bachelor's and Master's theses in the Social Work degree program by the "Disability, Inclusion and Social Participation" department

In the field of Disability, Inclusion and Social Participation, Bachelor's and Master's theses can be supervised on a wide range of topics, provided that a human rights, social or cultural science perspective on disability is taken. Important theoretical references can be found in Disability Studies and Mad Studies, Disability History, Participation Research, Inclusion Education, Medical and Health Sociology, Law and Health Sciences.

We assume that you have read the handbook Disability Studies by Anne Waldschmidt (Springer: VS 2023) as well as an overview of the department's homepage.

We primarily supervise theses on topics from our respective research areas, which are reflected in our publications. Your thesis is welcome to deal with current special issues beyond this, but should be clearly related to these topics.

Please take care of finding a topic and registering in good time!
If you are interested in supervision in the department, please make an appointment with Ms. Partsch(partsch[at]uni-kassel[dot]de) - stating the purpose of the appointment request, preferably with a file as an attachment containing initial ideas on the topic.
An outline (1 to max. 3 pages) of the research question, the sources and methods and the structure is desired. Linguistic correctness and comprehensible expression are important, working with scientific sources is a prerequisite.

General information on writing the Bachelor's thesis can be found in the moodle course "BA thesis in Social Work": https: //moodle.uni-kassel.de/course/view.php?id=12063