Welcome to the Section of Socialisation with an emphasis on Migration and Intercultural Education

Socialization with a focus on migration and intercultural education

The department is concerned with socialization-theoretical foundations and problems of social work in migration societies. Questions of socialization and education in the context of individual and collective migration experiences as well as questions of the professional and civil society handling of diversity, difference and social inequality in migration societies are dealt with. Further developments of reflexive inter- and transcultural education, for example through diversity- and intersectionality-oriented or discrimination-critical approaches, are taken up. Research focuses on the effects of unequal socialization conditions on life chances and educational biographies. Of particular interest are concepts and practices of families, parenthood, education, childhood and adolescence in a transnational framework. Another research focus of the department is the dynamics of participation in particularly exclusionary life situations of flight, asylum and disability as well as gender. In addition, questions of professional theory in relation to (refugee) migration are empirically investigated.

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Socialization with a focus on migration and intercultural education
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