Support Diagnostic Workshop

The Support Diagnostic Workshop (SdW) is part of the sub-project Study Elements of Inclusive Education, Fundamentum and Additum of the nationwide Quality Offensive Teacher Education project - Professionalization through Networking - Continuation and Potentiation (PRONET²).

The Support Diagnostic Workshop was created during the first project phase of PRONET as a space where teachers and students can work with very different materials on the topic of heterogeneity and inclusion. The project staff is available to provide advice and guidance and has also developed free workshop concepts. The services offered by the Support Diagnostic Workshop cover all areas of specialization and are interdisciplinary in nature. The learning location, the materials and the workshop offer points of contact for all types of schools, school levels and phases of teacher training.

The three pillars of the Support Diagnostics Workshop:

  • Getting to know different instruments of diagnostics
  • Viewing and producing materials for individual support
  • Inclusive pedagogical consultation and support by our staff members

PRONET2 is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the funding code 01JA1805 as part of the joint "Quality Offensive Teacher Education" of the Federal Government and the states