The Department of Education unites various educational theory and research references. Empirical approaches to school and classroom research are represented with just as much profile as general and historical approaches to educational science, school level-specific and overarching aspects such as school development, social relations, participation and inclusion. Currently, the Institute consists of twelve Sections with diverse research foci, which can be found on the respective pages of the departments. The department is responsible for a major part of Kassels teacher education which includes the Bildungs- und erziehungswissenschaftliches Kernstudium as well as for the Master Empirische Bildungsforschung. There are intensive contacts with schools through the practical school studies and individual research projects or teacher secondments. In particular, new forms of research cooperation are being tested within the framework of a strategic partnership with three experimental schools - the Reformschule Kassel, the Offene Schule Waldau and the Steinwaldschule Neukirchen.


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Birgit Pusceddu
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