Quality management

  • Online surveys: We are committed to quality-assuring the course of your treatment and to researching the mode of action of therapeutic procedures. Our detailed diagnostics correspond to the current state of scientific knowledge. In addition to your diagnostic interviews, we ask you to complete the questionnaires sent to you as basic diagnostics. Furthermore, we ask you to participate in our online diagnostics, which will be conducted twice a year for a total of 4 years during the course of your therapy and after its completion.
  • Documentation: For teaching and research purposes and for quality assurance, all conversations are recorded by video technology (in exceptional cases by audio).
  • Confidentiality: All staff members of the outpatient clinic are of course subject to confidentiality. For a possible consultation with physicians and clinics or for the transmission of reports of findings, we specifically ask you for a written release from the duty of confidentiality.
  • Professional qualification: All therapeutic staff members are therapists with license to practice or in advanced training. Some of the diagnostic interviews are conducted by trained students who receive regular supervision. We ensure the quality of our psychotherapeutic work through regular participation in further training and supervision as well as intervision.