A central research focus of our team is on cognitive abilities and their development. We investigate these aspects from a basic research as well as an application-oriented perspective. For example, we investigate the effects of selected learning principles, such as distributing learning time or generating self-explanations and questions on (sustained) retention (Mirjam Ebersbach, Benjamin Harders). In addition, we test to what extent the effects can be transferred to formal educational contexts (Mirjam Ebersbach, Julia Krauspe). We are also exploring how to promote students' media literacy by using hybrid intelligence (Mirjam Ebersbach, Nils Knoth). Furthermore, we deal with the development of environment-related knowledge and behavior and how to foster it (Mirjam Ebersbach, Daria Mundt), with risk perception and behavior in the context of the Corona pandemic (Mirjam Ebersbach, Anna Helfers), and with the development of sharing behavior (Mirjam Ebersbach, Martina Vogelsang). An overview of our externally funded projects (in German language) can be found here.

Publications of Prof. Dr. Mirjam Ebersbach can be found here.