Theses (BSc/MSc Psychology)


In addition to the supervision by first and second supervisors, our tutors are available to all students who are writing their thesis in the field of social psychology to answer any questions they may have.

Topics for theses in the field of social psychology

This is a research project for which we are collecting data via the dating app Tinder. The aim is to investigate whether male and female profiles that show signs of honesty and modesty enjoy greater popularity.

In another research project, we investigate whether certain personality traits can reliably predict the frequency of lying in romantic relationships. Past work has so far focused on the influence of the personality trait Honesty-Humility and on the Belief in a just world.



Reinhardt, N., & Reinhard, M.-A. (2023). Honesty–humility negatively correlates with dishonesty in romantic relationships. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication.

Student publications in the field of social psychology

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*Student author:s are marked in bold.