What do we do at the Humanities and Cultural Studies Department Master's Meeting?

Once a month we (Master students of the whole FB 02) go to the theater, readings, art exhibitions, poetry slams, restaurants, bars, lecture series, libraries... so there is something for all kinds of preferences.

These meetings are not additional compulsory events of the university and are not binding. You can decide each time if you like the program of the respective month. This has the advantage that the group is always slightly mixed. You meet some people again, but you don't have the pressure of an already fixed, sworn-in group - because, depending on the offer, new people join, others drop out.

Why have a Master's meeting at all? "I already see all of them at the university..."

Exactly not! Or how often do you meet with students from the other master's programs in the department?

Particularly in our department, where students from numerous programs attend classes together (the various teaching programs, Bachelor, Cultural Studies, the Master's programs, ...) it can be difficult to find someone with whom you can talk about your specific studies.

The concept behind the Mastertreff is therefore to start at several points of your studies:

First, you can learn about events and interesting offers that are related to the university or can be found in the city for free or at a reduced price through the culture ticket.

Why not just go there on your own?

Honestly... how often do you have something planned and then stay at home on the couch because no one from your circle of friends is coming along? Or you discuss an appointment forever, because we all always have something to do - and then the play doesn't run anymore or the exhibition is over.

The Master's Meeting offers a fixed date with students who really want to do it and, above all, there is still the possibility afterwards to talk about the experience and to get to know each other.

And that brings us to the next starting point:

Networking. Whether it's simply an interesting conversation after a visit to the theater or a stimulating discussion about a reading. Even new input for term papers is possible. Bringing together the different fields of study in the department creates the opportunity for lateral thinking. Who knows what, for example, English majors with a focus on economics and philosophers might find exciting topics together?

You can also compare your ideas about your professional future. This also offers you the chance to think outside the box or to sharpen your thoughts and plans again. Talking concretely about your goals and plans or explaining them often revives entrenched thoughts.

This can then create a real small network. You can learn about interesting interdisciplinary events that you might be able to use for your key competencies; get suggestions for internships, maybe even get in touch with potential employers. Especially as students of the humanities and cultural studies, we should not underestimate networking and the opportunities that this communication offers us.

Upcoming events in 2022:

22.11. (Tue) 6 p.m. CW 5

12/13 (Tue) 6 pm Christmas Market Kassel

Upcoming events in 2022:: Zur Anmeldung