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GrimmBrother Fairy Tales Excursion February 2014

In January 2014, students of the University of Kassel, Germany, went on an excursion to the magical sites of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The excursion was part of the seminar "Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm" of Dr. Claudia Finkbeiner, professor of foreign and second language learning and teaching research & intercultural communication. Students learned how to implement fairy tales in the classroom following an action-oriented and multiperspective Human GPS approach (Finkbeiner, 2013, 2009). They applied a multilingual comparative language awareness method that allowed them to compare and find out linguistic and cultural silmilarites and differences of the various Grimm version across different languages.
Prof. Finkbeiner organized the excursion in cooperation with Lena Vinson, tutor, and with Dr. Gerd Rohmann, Professor Emeritus. Besides visiting Reinhardswald, Sababurg, Trendelburg and Gieselwerder, students also reenacted some of the typical Brothers Grimm fairy tales scenes.


Fast Forward Science 2013, Prof. Dr. Claudia Finkbeiner & Maria Sosnina