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Current courses:

University of Tübingen


  • "Introduction to Modern German Literature" (2 PS I)
  • "Literature of the Sturm und Drang" (PS II)
  • "Franz Kafka - Novels and Narratives" (HS)
  • "(Psycho-)Therapy in Literature and Film" (OS)
  • "Narratives of Flight" (OS)

Past Courses:

University of Kassel

WiSe 2021/22

  • "(Psycho)Therapy in Literature and Film" (S)
  • "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe" (S)

Summer semester 2021

  • "Contemporary Literature and Film in the 21st Century" (S)
  • "Introduction to Literary Theory" (S)

WiSe 2020/21

  • "Narrating the Wasteland. Narratives of inhospitable landscapes" (S)
  • "Reading. The 19th Century" (S)

SunSem 2020

  • "Literature of Naturalism" (S)
  • "Contemporary Drama" (S)

WiSe 2019/20

  • "Introduction to Literary and Film Criticism" (S)
  • "Interpreting Poetry - from the Baroque to the Present" (S)

SoSe 2018

  • "Narrative Tension" (S)
  • "Healing mental disorders in literature and film" (S)

WiSe 2017/2018

  • "Tragicomedy and its Theory. From Der Hofmeister to Fargo" (S).
  • "Introduction to the literature of the Romantic period" (S)

SoSe 2017:

  • "Censorship in/of GDR Fictions" (S).
  • "Escape in Literature and Film: Strategies of Fictional and Factual Narrative" (S).


Saarland University

WiSe 2016/17:

  • "Flight in Literature and Film" together with Dr. Johannes Birgfeld (HS).
  • "Expressionism, DADA and Surrealism" (PS).

SoSe 2016:

  • "Trends in Contemporary Literature and Film" (PS).
  • "Theodor Storm, Theodor Fontane and their time" (PS).
  • Basic course in literary studies

WiSe 2015/16:

  • "Thomas Mann - literary texts and cinematic adaptations" (PS).
  • "Literature of the Sturm und Drang" (PS).

SoSe 2015:

  • "Terror in Literature and Film" (PS).
  • "Enlightenment" (PS)

WiSe 2014/15 :

  • "Representations of Space and Time in Literature and Film" (PS).
  • "Adolescence in Literature" (PS).

University of the South

Easter Term 2014 :

  • "Elementary German II" - GRMN 104 A
  • "Advanced Readings" - GRMN 301
  • "German Culture and Conversation" - GRMN 311

Saarland University

SoSe 2013:

  • "Theory of the Novel" (PS)

WiSe 2012/13:

  • "Prose of the Postwar Period" (PS).
  • "Introduction to literary criticism and contemporary literature" (PS)

SoSe 2012:

  • "Tendencies of the contemporary German-language novel "(PS).

WiSe 2011/12:

  • "Literary Concepts of Gender" (PS).
  • "Narratology" (PS)

SoSe 2011:

  • "Wendel Literature" (PS)
  • "City and Literature" (PS)

WiSe 2010/11:

  • "Kafka and the literary theory of the 21st century" (PS)

SoSe 2010:

  • "Intertextuality" (PS)

WiSe 2009/10:

  • "Space and Literature" (PS)
  • "Techniques of scientific work" (tutorial)

Summer semester 2009; winter semester 2008/09:

  • Reading course for Erasmus students                        

WiSe 2006/07:

  • Tutorial for the basic course in literary studies

Summer semester 2005:

  • Tutorial for the lecture Theories and Methods of Literary Studies

WiSe 2004/05:

  • Tutorial in preparation for the oral intermediate examination in Medieval Studies