Doctorates and post-doctorates

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Sáfár, Éva

(ELTE Budapest)
 1999  Linguistic Argumentation Strategies of German and Hungarian Press Organs in the Election Year 1994. A Model for the Analysis of Persuasive Texts

Péteri, Attila

(ELTE Budapest)

 1999  Tinting particles in German-Hungarian linguistic comparison
Dávid, Ágnes (ELTE Budapest) 2003  Anglicisms in German talk shows. An Empirical Investigation of German-English Language Contact Products in Spoken Contemporary German
Szatzker, Szilvia (ELTE Budapest) 2004  On the grammaticalization of werden/würde + infinitive in New High German (1650-2000)

Hennig, Mathilde

(Univ. Kassel)

Grammar of Spoken Language in History and Present (Habilitation)

Buchwald-Wargenau, Isabel (Univ. Kassel) 2011  

The double perfect formations. A diachronic investigation 

Czicza, Dániel (SZTE Szeged) 2011  The es-total systemin New High German proximity texts

Langlotz, Miriam

(Univ. Kassel)
 2013  Junction and writing development. An empirical investigation of argumentative and narrative student texts at secondary level I.

Leistner, Annika

(Univ. Kassel).
 2014  Speech reproduction in literary texts. An investigation of syntactic integration in direct and non-direct forms of speech reproduction

Rauzs, Orsolya

(SZTE Szeged)







Aggregative negation in New High German. A corpus analysis

Höllein, Dagobert

(Univ. Kassel)


Prepositional object vs. adverbial. A contribution to significant semantics

Kappel, Péter

(SZTE Szeged)

 2017  Degree of integration of prefixed adverbial clauses in New High German (1650-2000).

Zahradníček, Lucia

(Univ. Kassel)


Topological fields in New High German. An empirical study on proximity texts of the 17th and 19th centuries

George, Kristin

(Univ. Kassel)

 2022  Grammatical staging of memory processes. An Empirical Investigation of Aggregative Structures in Texts of Nazi Fathers' Literature.