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Current courses



Module allocation forteaching degree (L1-L4)
MPO 2011 - 2014

Module allocation for teaching degree (L1-L3)
MPO 2023

Module allocationBA minor subject
MPO 2020

Fernys-Adamietz, Helena

Subject-related didactic school practice
Studies (SPS II) in Catholic

Fernys-Adamietz, Helena

Planning and designing religious education

(with a view to

M13 / M20 / M21M5 L1K / M6 L1L / M6 L2 / M9 L2 / M10 L3 / M14 L3M6
Fernys-Adamietz, Helena

Tutorial for the seminar "Spiritual learning at school"


Reese-Schnitker, Annegret

Basic module in religious education: introductory
course part II

M12M2 L1K / M2 L1L / M3 L2 / M3 L3 
Reese-Schnitker, Annegret

Spiritual learning at school

M14a / M15+15a / M21M5 L1K / M2 L1L / M6 L1L / M7 L1L / M3 L2 / M7 L2 / M3 L3 / M11 L3 / M12 L3 
Reese-Schnitker, Annegret

Exam colloquium in religious education

Uhlenbrock, Jan

Seminar "Out in Church, living diversity"

M14a / M15+15a / M17 / M18M5 L1K / M2 L1L / M7 L1L / M3 L2 / M8 L2 / M9 L2 / M3 L3 / M13 L3 / M14 L3M6 / M8