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Current courses



Module allocation forteaching degree (L1-L4)
MPO 2011 - 2014

Module allocation for teaching degree (L1-L3)
MPO 2023

Module allocationBA minor subject
MPO 2020

Kleeberg, Florian

Can you believe that? - Basic convictions of the Christian faith using the example of the Apostolicum - Introduction to Systematic Theology II

M7M1 L1K / M1 L1L / M2 L2 / M2 L3M1

Kutzer, Mirja

Remembered future - introduction to eschatology

M10 / M11M7 L1L / M8 L2 / M12 L3M4

Kutzer, Mirja

Exam colloquium and advanced seminar in systematic theology


Kutzer, Mirja
Gaida, Katharina

Interreligious learning. Positions - Encounters - Competencies

M9+9a / M14a / M15+15a / M17 / M18 / M21M7 L1L / M8 L2 / M12 L3M6 / M8
Kutzer, Mirja

Arguing and reconciling

M10 / M11 / M17 / M18M7 L1L / M8 L2 / M13 L3M8

Schlehahn, Mareike

"Should, want, can" - introduction to theological ethics

M8M4 L1K / M5 L1L / M8 L2 / M7 L3M4
Schlehahn, Mareike

The child of the Spirit - The Second Vatican Council

M10 / M11 / M17 / M18M7 L1L / M8 L2 / M8 L3 / M9 L3 / M12 L3M4 / M8
Schlick-Bamberger, Gabriela

Judaism in the classroom. Religious practice, culture and history. An introduction.

M9+9a / M17 / M18M7 L1L / M12 L3M8

Thüne, Johannes

Poverty as locus theologicus ...in the footsteps of Francesco and Chiara dʼAssisi

M11 / M17 / M18M7 L1L / M8 L2 / M13 L3M8