Integrative biophilosophy

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Hermeneutics of nature and the logic of living things

Project management: Dr. Francesca Michelini

Project description

This habilitation project takes into account phenomenological and hermeneutical approaches as well as approaches from the philosophy of life and relates them to each other. The central question of the investigation is: Can humans understand other living beings or have access to them in view of their own "embodiment"? From a methodological perspective, the central concern is to determine the extent to which current debates on embodied cognition and enactivism can be complemented and integrated by reference to classical concepts from the history of philosophy and theoretical biology, in particular those of Spinoza, Hegel, Plessner, Jakob von Uexküll and Hans Jonas. Conversely, the question arises as to how these classical concepts can be understood in the light of current approaches.


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