Supervised Scientific Work

Completed habilitation

DR. NILS NEUMANN Hearing and Seeing. Die Rhetorik der Anschaulichkeit in den Gottesthron-Szenen der Johannesoffenbarung (ABG 49), Leipzig 2015 (Evangelische Verlagsanstalt).

Completed dissertations

NILS NEUMANN Luke and Menippos. Hoheit und Niedrigkeit in Lk 1,1-2,40 und in der menippeischen Literatur (NTOA 68), Göttingen 2008 (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht). KATRIN JUSCHKA "Hallowed be your name!" An Interpretative-Historical Study of the Sanctification of Names in the Lord's Prayer (ABG 50), Leipzig 2015 (Evangelische Verlagsanstalt). DANIEL HAASE Jesus' Way to the Gentiles. The geographical concept of Mark's Gospel. To appear in: ABG, Leipzig 2019 (Evangelische Verlagsanstalt). ALEXANDRA SIMMEN-HOST The Mysterious Gospel of Mark. An examination of the apparent mystery of the Messiah, Kassel 2018 (kassel university press).

TANJA HÜHNE The parable of the mustard seed. CHRISTIAN WEHDE The Function of Autobiographical Statements in the Pauline Epistles.


Dissertation projects


Between subject matter and didactics: The teaching of biblical studies

Bible studies, Bible didactics, exegetical introductions, historical key data; these are only a few of the criteria that are to be taught in biblical studies. Facing such challenges, university teaching must impart sufficient basic knowledge to student teachers in a short time and with few courses.

The question of how this can be achieved and which contents and skills are to be learned for this purpose are the focus of this work. For this purpose, focal points in biblical studies, didactic developments and methodological considerations have to be taken together and applied to own conceptual seminar units. Thus, the planned dissertation is located in an intersection between biblical studies and its didactics.

LUKAS SCHADEThe Death of Jesus as the Center of Lucan Theology (?)

It is widely assumed that the death of Jesus plays a subordinate or even no role in comparison to the other gospel narratives. The older research even speaks of a deficient soteriology of Luke. In contrast, more recent studies show that the thesis of a subordinate role of Jesus' death in Luke can no longer be upheld. Likewise, there are still approaches that explain the death of Jesus only as a transitory stage on the way to exaltation.

In the context of this dissertation project, an analysis of relevant biblical passages is undertaken against the background of the divided history of research on the role of Jesus' death in Luke . The work understands itself less as a research-historical synopsis, but would like to pursue the question by means of new methodological approaches, whether both research directions can have their justification due to different preliminary considerations.



Scientific term papers for the 1st state examination

KATRIN ANDERT The History of the Name of God in the Bible and Bible Translations KRISTINA BIERICH Joseph of Arimathea in the Gospel of Mark

SANDY BILLHARDT The Johannine Jesus KERSTIN BÖNIGK The Death of Jesus Christ in the Understanding of the New Testament

LEA ELISABETH BOHL The New Paul. Presentation and Critical Appraisal of the New Perspective on Paul SARAH BOHNSACK The Pauline Theology of Justification in Rom 1-3 and its Acceptance by Martin Luther JULIA BRACHT Miracles in Mark and Luke SVENJA BRILL Marriage in the Books of the Pentateuch STEFAN DAUM Paul versus Jesus

JULIA DEGENHARDT The Resurrection of Jesus in Mark and Luke

ANN-MARIE DOBBERT "To freedom Christ has set us free!" (Gal 5,1) - Dimensions of Freedom in the Epistles of Paul

NASTASIA EICHARDT Central topics of research on the Epistles of John

LARISSA FELLE Consequences of the Antitheses of the Sermon on the Mount. Presented on the example of Luther and the peace movement ANNETTE FÖRSTER The "Messiah Mystery" in Mark's Gospel REBECCA GERCKEN The change of Judah and its meaning for the history of Israel - Gen 37-50 a Joseph story? - LILLI GÜNTER City sinks in the Old Testament DANIEL HAASE The theological significance of geopraphical indications in Mark's Gospel TOBIAS HANSEN Learning from New Testament shipwrecks. With Special Reference to the Acts of the Apostles LARS HELDT Death in the Parable of the Prodigal Son

LEONIE HERBORTH Between Fiction, Construction and Myth. An Approach to the Theological Concept of Reality JOHANNES HERZER Faith in Jesus and Paul - Do Jesus and Paul Share the Same Faith? ANNIKA HOFMANN The Birth Story of Jesus in the Context of the Theology of Luke's Gospel VERENA HÖHLE What does "revelation" mean in the New Testament? TANJA HÜHNE The Parable of the Mustard Seed FRANZISKA LAUE The God of Exodus and the Father of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke - A Comparison SARAH LEPPIN Hans Jonas: "The Concept of God after Ausschwitz". The Attempt of a Theodicy CHRISTINE MÜLLER Mary from Nazareth, Mary from Bethany, Mary from Magdala - Witnesses of the Birth, the Words and the Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

MARCO PAPARELLA Who is to blame for the death of Jesus? ANTJE PLUSCZYK Rhetorical Textual Analysis of Selected Sermons of Jesus CHRISTA POPPMEIER Similarities of the Structure of Fairy Tales and Miracle- Miracle Stories in the Gospel of Mark

JULIA PREUSSNER The meaning of the house in the healing miracles of Mark's Gospel. A Contribution Only to Narrative Exegesis of the Second Gospel

JULIA RAU Passion and Resurrection Pericopes in the Synoptic Gospels TANJA RITTER Miracle Narratives in the Gospels of Mark and Luke - a Comparison

LUKAS SCHADE Reconciliation and Atonement in Paul JOHANNES SCHÜTZ Theological Approaches to the Interpretation of the New Testament from 1787 to 2003 KRISTINA SCHWARZ The Relationship between Biblical Scholarship and Faith

ANIKA SELZER The Narrative of Tamar and Amnon (2 Sam 13, 1-22). Exegetical and Religious Pedagogical Investigation JASMIN SENDER Women around Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

ALEXANDRA SIMMEN Biblical exegesis and image study. John 7, 53 - 8, 11 TINO DIETER WIESINGER The Pauline Epistles in the Understanding of Martin Luther