Faculty Council

The Faculty Council discusses matters of fundamental importance to the Faculty; it is the Faculty's highest decision-making body.
According to § 50 of the Hess. Higher Education Act, it is responsible for

  • Issuing examination and study regulations after consultation with the student council,
  • Deciding on appointment proposals for professorships,
  • Decisions on the establishment or abolition of working groups,
  • coordinating the Faculty's research projects,
  • Proposals for the establishment or discontinuation of degree programs,
  • Proposals for the Faculty's development planning,
  • Proposals for the establishment or abolition of academic facilities of the Faculty,
  • Regulation of the use of departmental facilities within the framework of user regulations,
  • commenting on target agreements between the Faculty and the university management.


The Faculty 02 Council elected in June 2023 will be in office until September 2025 and comprises the following members (with successors):

Administrative-technical employees


  • Vanessa-Aliéna Adam
  • Lea-Marie Brinkmann
  • Johannes Hofmann


  • Denise Lara Becker
  • Anna Kegler Alvarado
  • Lisa Maren Stöhr