student representatives

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In accordance with the statutes of the student body, the student council is the elected representative body of the students of the department.

Satzung der Studierendenschaft

Did you know...

... that the weekly meetings of the active student council - i.e. the one that represents the interests of the students within the department - are open to the public? In the current semester, these take place every Wednesday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in our student council room 1005 in Kurt-Wolters-Straße 5.
... that BA students can have additive key competencies credited for student council work?
... that students who receive BAFöG can have their standard period of study increased by up to two semesters through student council work?
... that it's generally pretty cool to be able to actively achieve improvements in the conditions under which we all study?

If you would like to volunteer in the department or just want to get a taste of what it's like, just send us a message at, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

The student council of the FB02

1st row (front, from left): Daniel Forster, Erik Stottut, Dominik Watzl

2nd row (from left): Denise Lara Becker, Lea-Marie Brinkmann, Johannes Hofmann

3rd row (from left): Vanessa-Aliéna Adam, Michelle Ißleib, Paula Kafitz, Lisa Maren Stöhr

4th row (from left): Lara Weiler, Laura Antonia Brede, Lisa-Michelle Bege, Jacqueline Höhle

Missing from the photo: Güler Akkaya, Anna Kegler Alvarado, Luise Nolte

1st row (front, from left): Vanessa-Aliéna Adam, Michelle Ißleib, Paula Kafitz

2nd row (from left): Lara Weiler, Lisa-Michelle Bege, Lisa Maren Stöhr

3rd row (from left): Laura Antonia Brede, Jacqueline Höhle

From left: Denise Lara Becker, Dominik Watzl, Michelle Ißleib, Lara Weiler (front), Lea-Marie Brinkmann (back), Anna Kegler Alvarado (missing)


Inspiration for the photo: English and American literature studies

From left: Denise Lara Becker, Vanessa-Aliéna Adam

From left: Johannes Hofmann, Laura Antonia Brede, Jacqueline Höhle, Erik Stottut, Luise Nolte (missing)

From left: Güler Akkaya, Daniel Forster, Lisa-Michelle Bege

From left: Vanessa-Aliéna Adam, Denise Lara Becker, Lea-Marie Brinkmann, Lisa Maren Stöhr, Johannes Hofmann, Anna Kegler Alvarado (missing)

Study counseling during the semester break

We would also like to provide you with advice and support during the semester break. There are no weekly consultation hours during this time, but you can still arrange a consultation appointment with us (via Zoom or in person) by sending an email to fachschaft02[at]uni-kassel[dot]de. Of course, you can also ask us your questions directly by email.

Our consultation dates for the summer semester 2024 will be announced here and on our social media channels at the beginning of the lecture period.

Until then, we wish you a nice lecture-free period and are always available by email if you have any questions.