About Us

Welcome to the Department of History at the University of Kassel!


The Department of History offers intellectually exciting and methodologically innovative research projects and teaching curricula. Our faculty are committed to providing evidence-based analysis of a broad range of historical phenomena, from antiquity to the near-present. We strive toward advancing scholarship on issues in our past that cut across different eras, such as perceptions and knowledge of nature, mediality, futurity, memory cultures and historical didactics, economic history, cartography, law and gender, childhood and age, (post)colonial entanglements, and human-animal relations. Our team of historians combine expertise in the history of particular world regions, including Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and North America, with a strong interest in transcultural and global perspectives. In our effort to produce cutting-edge research, we draw inspiration from collaborating with other disciplines. This includes working with the Departments of Sociology, Political Science, Urban and Landscape Studies, Art History, and Philosophy as well as structural affiliations that connect the professorships for the history of Western Europa and for the history of Great Britain and North America to Fachbereich 02 (Literature and Linguistics). The Department’s interdisciplinary links have not only heightened its international visibility. They have also furthered the kind of public outreach to which the University of Kassel is committed. Our historians engage with high school students and teachers, print media and television journalists, and other non-academic audiences. See for yourself and browse the websites of our professorships.