Dr. Claire Moulin-Doos

Research Associate, Section: Didactics of Political Education

Nora-Platiel-Straße 5
34109 Kassel
Nora-Platiel 5, Raum 3215
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Interview: Every man for himself or every man for all? How much common good orientation does political education need?

Interview: Nordbruch, Götz (2021): Every man for himself or every man for all? How much common good orientation does political education need? Interview with the political didactician Claire Moulin-Doos. In the context of the project RISE - jugendkulturelle Antworten auf islamistischen Extremismus.

Interview: Every man for himself or every man for all? How much common good orientation does political education need?: Read More

Professional activities

Since 03/2021

Research assistant

with Prof. Dr. Andreas Eis, Didactics of Political Education

University of Kassel

10/2018 - 02/2021

Substitute of the professorship for political education

(formerly: professorship for the didactics of social studies)

University of Passau

12/2015 - 09/2018

Research Assistant

with Prof. Dr. Andreas Eis, Didactics of Political Education

University of Kassel

11/2013 - 05/2016

Teacher for special tasks

Political Education

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

01/2010 - 12/2011

Research Assistant

Institute for Political Science, TU Darmstadt

Research activity within the European project: "RESPECT. Towards a "Topography" of Tolerance and Equal Respect. A Comparative Study of Policies for the Distribution of Public Spaces in Culturally Diverse Societies" (7th Research Framework Program of the European Commission)

01/2009 - 12/2009

Research Assistant

Institute for Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS)

University of Bremen

01/2007 - 12/2008

Research Assistant

Center for European Legal Policy (ZERP), University of Bremen

Research activity within the European project: "EuroEthos: Exploring the Scope for a Shared European Pluralistic Ethos. A Comparative Investigation of Religious and Secular Ethically Derived Requests for Exemption from the Law in an Enlarging Europe" (6th Research Framework Program of the European Commission)

09/2004 - 08/2005

Research Assistant

Center for European Legal Policy (ZERP), University of Bremen

Research work within the European project: "Fundamental Rights and Private Law in the European Union" (5th Research Framework Program of the European Commission)


Academic training

2007 - 2011


"Civic Disobedience: Taking Politics Seriously".

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Frank Nullmeier

Second examiner: Prof. Dr. Martin Nonhoff

University of Bremen

(Defense: 08.06.2011 - Magna cum Laude)

2000 - 2001

Master in European Law (D.E.A.)

CEU, European Center of the University of Nancy II, France

Master thesis on the concept of "federation of nation-states" (fédération d'Etats-nation)

Specialization: Fundamentals of European Legal Structure and European Economic Law

2000 - 2001

Diplôme d'Université "Etudes supérieures européennes" (European Studies)

CEU, European Center of the University of Nancy II, France

Specialization: Common Market, Foreign Trade, Foreign Policy, European Enlargement

1995 - 1999

Diploma in Political Sciences

Institut d'Etudes Politiques (I.E.P.), University of Lyon 2, France

International Section

Emphases: International Economics, International Law and International Relations

1998 - 1999

Exchange year

Political Science and International Relations, University of Oregon, Portland, USA


Summer Session (Scholarship), UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA

Research Interests:

  • Political theory, theories of democracy, radical democratic theory.
  • models of citizenship and democracy in German school civic education
  • Elementary school subject didactics and didactic complexity increase
  • Education for sustainable development in the age of the Anthropocene
  • European construction and political European education
  • Comparative interpretations of human rights, juridification and constitutionalization of the political
  • Political human rights education
  • Political disobedience, political movements and populism



Civic Disobedience: Taking Politics Seriously. A Democratic Theory of Political Disobedience, Nomos Schriftenreihe: Zeitgenössische Diskurse des Politischen. Baden-Baden. In cooperation with Bloomsbury Publishing. https://doi. org/10.5771/9783845255576 Further information: https://www.nomos-shop.de/nomos/titel/civic-disobedience-taking-politics-seriously-id-77336/



Critical European Political Education. Europe's multiple crises as a collective learning opportunity? Prolog Publishing. Immenhausen bei Kassel. / Together with Andreas Eis Further information: https://www.lehmanns.de/shop/sozialwissenschaften/41978398-9783934575721-kritische-politische-europabildung

Essays in peer-reviewed journals:


On the role of political disobedience in the Anthropocene. General Journal of Philosophy. Schwerpunktheft 45.2, edited by Hetzel/Schürmann/ Schwaetzer, 161-189. Further information: https://www.frommann-holzboog.de/periodika/91/91045/910450220?lang=de


Populisms in Europe: not anti-democratic per se but anti-liberal. Leviathan. 45, special issue 32, edited by Jörke/Nachtwey, 290-307. Further information: https://www.nomos-elibrary.de/10.5771/9783845287843-302/populismen-in-europa-nicht-per-se-antidemokratisch-sondern-antiliberal?page=1


Cosmopolitan Citizenship Education: realistic political program or program to disillusioned powerlessness? A plea for a power critical perspective within Global Citizenship Education. JSSE-Journal of Social Science Education 16, 4, Edited by Hedtke/ Proeschel/ Szukala, 49-59. https://doi. org/10.4119/jsse-852 / Together with Andreas Eis.

Download (full text): (1) https://www.jsse.org/index.php/jsse/article/view/852/966 (2) https://eric.ed.gov/?q=EJ1166485&id=EJ1166485


Citizens as co-actors and legal subjects: European and global citizenship as an orientation for civic education? Journal of International Educational Research and Development Education, 2, 14-18. http://dx.doi.org/10.25656/01:15446

Download (full text):https://www.pedocs.de/volltexte/2018/15446/pdf/ ZEP_2_2016_MoulinDoos_Citizen_as_co_actor.pdf.


Precarious responsibility between depoliticization and political (self-) governance: conflicts of responsibility in civic education. Social Systems. Journal of Sociological Theory 19(2), edited by Henkel/ Åkerstrøm-Andersen, 405-429. https://doi. org/10.1515/sosys-2014-0211 / Together with Andreas Eis Further information: https://www.soziale-systeme.ch/hefte/2013_2.htm

Contributions to journals and edited volumes:


Populism: a conceptual attempt at clarification. In: Kollmorgen/ Schäller/Schütz (eds.) Die neue Mitte? Ideologies, Strategies and Movements of the New Right. Böhlau Verlag, Vienna and publication program of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, Bonn. 125-142. BpB publication: https: //www.bpb.de/shop/buecher/schriftenreihe/344822/die-neue-mitte Further information: https://www.vandenhoeck-ruprecht-verlage.com/themen-entdecken/ social-right-and-economics/political-science/56594/ die-neue-mitte


People/demos in radical democratic theory. In: Comtesse/Flügel-Martinsen/Martinsen/Nonhoff (eds.), Handbook of Radical Theory of Democracy. Suhrkamp, 484-491. /Together with Franziska Martinsen and Oliver Flügel-Martinsen. For more information: https://www.suhrkamp.de/buecher/ radikale_demokratietheorie-_29848.html.


Political education for liberal values or political education for the risk of political freedom? In: Manzel/Möllers (eds.), Populism and Civic Education. GPJE publication series. Wochenschau, 93-98. For more information: https://elibrary.utb.de/doi/book/10.46499/9783734406812


The European Union: from a community of law to an authoritarian regime - What future for the European project? In: Eis/Moulin-Doos (eds.), Critical European Political Education. Europe's Multiple Crisis as a Collective Learning Opportunity? Prolog-Verlag, 71-91. Further information: https://www.lehmanns.de/shop/sozialwissenschaften/ 41978398-9783934575721-critical-political-europe-education


European (dis)integration as a collective learning opportunity? Tasks of critical political European education. An introduction. In: Eis/Moulin-Doos (Eds.), Critical political European education. Europe's Multiple Crisis as a Collective Learning Opportunity? Prolog-Verlag, 7-23. / Together with Andreas Eis Further information: https://www.lehmanns.de/shop/sozialwissenschaften/ 41978398-9783934575721-critical-political-europe-education.


Populism: threat to democracy or consequence of depoliticization? Polis. Report of the German Association for Political Education, 3, 16-18.

/ Together with Andreas Eis and Frederik Metje.

Download (full text):http://dvpb.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/POLIS_3-2017_web.pdf


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(Political) education in the French migration society: hints for Germany? In: Goll/Oberle/Rappenglück (eds.), The challenge of migration: perspectives on civic education.

GPJE vol. 2016. newsreel, 76-83.

Further information: https://wochenschau-verlag.de/Herausforderung-Migration/40198


A critique of the identity politics approach in the interest of equality. In: Fischer/Gerhard/Partetzke/Schmitt (eds.), Identity(ies) from the Perspective of Civic Education. Wochenschau, 82-98.

Further information: https://wochenschau-verlag.de/Identitaet-en-aus-Sicht-der-Politischen-Bildung/40038


Political precarity of post-democratic responsibility: a challenge for civic education research. Journal of the German Association for Civic Education Lower Saxony, 30, 1, 16-21.

/Co-authored with Andreas Eis

Download (full text):https://www.dvpb-nds.de/index.php/material/downloads/category/10-1-2015



Interview: Nordbruch, Götz (2021): Every man for himself or every man for all? How much orientation towards the common good does political education need? Interview with the political didactician Claire Moulin-Doos. In the context of the project RISE - youth cultural responses to Islamist extremism. Available online: https://rise-jugendkultur.de/artikel/jeder-fuer-sich-oder-jeder-fuer-alle/

Download (full text):https://rise-jugendkultur.de/pdfexport/8221


Review: "Back to the Things! Political formations in the medium of social materiality" By Werner, Friedrichs/ Sebastian Hamm (eds.) Nomos. Politische Vierteljahresschrift 62, 751-754 (2021) Available online: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11615-021-00356-5

Download (full text):https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s11615-021-00356-5.pdf


Interview: How contemporary is the Beutelsbach Consensus? (Students of the University of Augsburg under the direction of Dr. Tanja Seider in conversation with Prof. Dr. Claire Moulin-Doos.), in: Bayerische Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit (ed.): Einsichten und Perspektiven, 1, 58-65. More information: https: //www.blz.bayern.de/publikation/einsichten-und-perspektiven-12021.html

Download (full text):https://www.blz.bayern.de/download/1108_ep_121_web.pdf

Publications prior to post-doc phase:


Discourses on Medical Interventions in Human Reproduction (PGD and ART), State Interventions and their Justifications: Comparison of Slovak and German Cases. Human Affairs, 25, 204-229. doi. org/10.1515/humaff-2015-0018

/ Together with Jana Plichtová

Download (full text):https://www.researchgate.net/publication/276088359_ Discourses_on_medical_interventions_in_ human_reproduction_PGD_and_ART_state_interventions_ and_their_justifications_Comparison_of_Slovak_and_German_cases


Intercultural Gardens: the Use of Space by Migrants and the Practice of Respect. Journal of Urban Affairs, 36, 2, 197-206. https://doi.org/10.1111/juaf.12027

Download (full text):https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1111/juaf.12027


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Download (Table of Contents): https://www.gbv.de/dms/spk/sbb/toc/63195676X.pdf


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Download (full text):https://www.ssoar.info/ssoar/bitstream/handle/document/6320/ssoar-pceur-2008-2-petrjanosova_et_al-the_debate_over_reproductive_rights.pdf


"Controversy in German School-based Political European Education. A Critical Analysis of the KMK Decision 2020 on European Education".

Research Colloquium: Edu.GR-Europalernen in transnational educational spaces University of Trier, November 23, 2021.


The Musicality of Citizen Laughter" or "From the Musicality of Citizen Laughter to ... the Political of the Toilet: Using "Things" to (Be) Politically Educated

Transdisciplinary lecture series: "'Pendulum movements' - explorations in the field of tension between musical and political education", organized by Sven Rößler & Christoph Stange PH Weingarten, June 4, 2021, SoSe 2021.


For a European Citizenship Education responsive to conceptual power relations.

GPJE Annual Conference: "Civic Education in International Perspective" Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, June 13-15, 2019.


"Populist movements and democratic aspirations: how to deal with (right-wing) populist movements?" (workshop)

Conference: "Education, Power, Future, Learning for the Social-Ecological Transformation?" University of Kassel, February 21-24, 2019.


"Political education for liberal values?"

Workshop: "Education and the Problem of Liberalism" organized by Michael Geiss & Roland Reichenbach, University of Zurich, October 1-2, 2018.


"Who is the subject of democratic cosmopolitanism?"

Workshop around Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. James Ingram (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario) organized by Anna Hollendung and Franziska Martinsen Christian- Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, August 13, 2018.


"Confronted with non-liberal right-wing populists: political education on liberal values or risking political freedom?"

GPJE Annual Conference: "Our Challenged Democracy - Civic Education in Times of Populism" University of Duisburg-Essen, June 22-24, 2017.


"How much (political) education does democracy need?"

Conference: "Democracy - a risky project? Abendteuer Freiheit - was lassen wir sich die offene Gesellschaft kosten?", organized by Marcus Llanque & Jochen Wagner Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, May 26-28, 2017.


"Populisms in Europe: not per-se anti-democratic but anti-liberal."

Workshop "The People vs. Liberal Democracy," organized by Dirk Jörke & Oliver Nachtwey TU Darmstadt, April 6-7, 2017.


"Cosmopolitan Citizenship: postpolitical consumer education or repoliticization of transnational civil societies?"

ECPR General Conference, Charles University Prague, September 7-10, 2016.


"Citizens as co-actors and legal subjects: European and global citizenship as an orientation for civic education?"

Conference: Changing the world with education!? Global learning for sustainable development, Evangelische Akademie Hofgeismar, June 10-12, 2016.


"Human Rights as Hegemonic Political Discourse."

Colloquium on Political Theory_ Prof. Markus Llanque University of Augsburg, November 3, 2015.


"Teaching values as a task of political education?"

DVPW Congress, Political Science and Civic Education Section University of Duisburg-Essen, September 22-23, 2015.


"(Civic) education in France's migration society: hints for Germany?"

GPJE Annual Conference: Civic Education in the Migration Society, LMU Munich, June 11-13, 2015.


"Competence to resist or to politically disobey?"

Conference: competence to resist, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, March 25-26, 2015.


"Precarious Responsibility and Political (Self)Governance in Democracies without Boundaries."

Conference: political education in post-democracy, University of Siegen, September 17-19, 2014.


"The Allocation and Use of Space for and by Migrants and the Practice of Respect: Intercultural Gardens, a Good Practice made in Germany."

Workshop: "Intercultural Gardens: Space, Migrants and Respect", TU Darmstadt, October 26, 2010.


Presentation on the topic: "French Republicanism and Tolerance".

Workshop: "Toleration, Respect and Space: Concepts, conceptions and applications", Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, June 21-23, 2010


"Corporatism and 'new groups'. Emerging value conflicts in contemporary Germany."

EuroEthos Workshop, Trento University, Italy.


"Ethics and Medical Care in Germany and Slovakia."

Conference: "Values and Diversity. Culture, Religion, and the Law in Contemporary Europe", Západočeská University, Pilsen, Czech Republic


"Where Does Democratic Participation End? The Judiciary as a Growing Political Tool in the Hands of the Citizens."

Symposium: Democracy, responsibility and civic participation: A challenge for the 21st century. XXIX International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, Germany.


"Pluralism of values and interests in health care systems."

EuroEthos Workshop, Bilkent University, Turkey


"The Appeal of Civil Disobedience - Or Should We Say 'Civic Disobedience'?"

5th Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy, Pavia University, Italy.