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Civic Education in Elementary School: Is It Possible? In Conversation with Dr. Gesine Bade HLZ May 2022, Civic Education

  • Civic education in science education
  • Political participation of children and young people
  • Education for sustainable development and global learning
  • Extracurricular learning

Disertation Project:

What is the role of civic education in science education?

A qualitative study using teacher interviews and classroom observations on the reality of civic education in physical education.


Gesine Bade is in charge of exam papers, oral and written final examinations in the course of study of physical education. The main focus of the examinations is on topics from the socio-scientific perspective of teaching.

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Bade by e-mail at an early stage. Prepare multiple topic proposals.


Since 2015.

Research assistant in the field of "Didactics of Civic Education" at the University of Kassel and PhD in the Department of Social Sciences with Prof. Dr. Bernd Overwien and Prof. Dr. Andreas Eis

2015 2019

Lecturer at the Department 05 of Social Sciences at the University of Kassel for the orientation and subject tutor training under the direction of Dr. Bernd Reef

2013 2015

II. state examination for the teaching profession at grammar schools (subjects: politics and economics/biology), Studienseminar Kassel

2007 2012

I. state examination for the teaching profession at grammar schools (subjects: politics and economics / biology), University of Kassel

2011 2019

Member of the board of the association "Die Kopiloten e.V." - gemeinsam. politisch. bilden.

2010 2012

Subject tutor and teaching duties in the subject area "Didactics of Political Education" with Prof. Dr. Bernd Overwien, University of Kassel

2008 2012

Tutor in the molecular biology student laboratory "Science Bridge" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nellen, University of Kassel


General qualification for university entrance, Norbertusgymnasium, Magdeburg



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Interviews :


Civic Education in Elementary School: Is It Possible? In Conversation with Dr. Gesine Bade HLZ May 2022, Civic Education