Student Assistants and Tutors

Student Assistants

Elena Olmedo Viana

Elena Olmedo Viana has been studying history and philosophy at the Gymnasium level since 2019. Her research interests lie in women's history, especially the German bourgeois women's movement in the 19th century.

Manyakhalé Diawara

Manyakhalé Diawara holds a BA in Political Science/VWL (University of Frankfurt) and is currently writing his MA thesis in Global Political Economy and Development on the topic of postcolonial perspectives on digitalization in development cooperation with Africa. He also works in international cooperation and as an interpreter/translator and is translating an article for the anthology "Theory in Forms".


Vivian Donath

Vivian Donath has been studying history, German, and English at the Gymnasium level since 2017. Her research interests include postcolonialism, gender-theoretical and intersectional approaches across eras, history didactics, and (Germanist) medieval studies.