Wolfgang Gieler, Prof. Dr., born 1960, studied political science, ethnology, sociology and education at the University of Münster and University of Ife/Nigeria. Several years of experience in the field of non-governmental German development cooperation. Teaching positions at various German universities in Hanover. Visiting professorships among others at the University of Minsk/Belarus, University of Vienna/Austria, University of Sakarya/Turkey, University of Manama/Bahrain, University of Quagadougou/Burkina Faso and the University of Uyo/Nigeria.

Since 2002 Professor of Intercultural and International Studies at Okan University Istanbul/Turkey. In addition to study and research stays in Africa and Asia, consultant for the Turkish African Center for Strategic Studies (TACSS), Istanbul.

  • Development Cooperation
  • Political culture and foreign policy
  • Comparative Literature
  • International Migration
  • Western ethnocentrism
  • Development Cooperation and Racism
  • European Black Identity: Questioning Nations of Blackness and Europe - Black Turks (Self)representation at the Crossroads of the Ottoman Legacy and Contemporary African Migration