Jah­res­ta­gung der Ar­beits­ge­mein­schaft Ge­schich­te und EDV e.V.

Eu­ro­pe and the An­ci­ent Ne­ar East. Re­cep­ti­on and Con­struc­tion of Images of the ANE sin­ce the 17th Cen­tu­ry

Mar­ket(s) - Mar­ket Buil­dings - Mar­ket Squa­res

Me­l­am­mu Sym­po­sia 10 - So­cie­ties at War

(Self-)Pre­­sen­­ta­­ti­on and Per­ce­p­­ti­on of Power­­­ful Wo­­men in the An­ci­ent World - Me­l­am­­mu Work­­shop 8

The Per­si­an Em­pi­re - Re­cep­ti­on, Ap­pro­pria­ti­on and Ar­gu­men­ta­ti­on from An­ti­qui­ty to the Pre­sent Day

Epi­gra­phik und Al­te Ge­schich­te Wer­ner Eck zum 75. Ge­burts­tag

Tex­ti­le Tra­de and Dis­tri­bu­ti­on 2. From the An­ci­ent Ne­ar East to the Me­di­ter­ra­ne­an (1000 BC to AD 400)