Teaching staff


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Participating staffFields of interest/Courses
Dr. Ilker Ataç
  • Qualitative Methods
Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Burchardt
  • Introduction to Globalization
  • The Impact of Globalization on National and Local Governments
Dr. Michael Dellwing
  • Cultural Aspects of Globalization

Prof. Frank Fischer,
Rutgers University, Newark



  • Global policy analysis
  • Global and comparative environmental politics
  • American foreign policy
Dr. Alexander Gallas
  • Introduction to Global Political Economy

Prof. Dr. Christoph Görg

  • Environmental Politics in Global Perspectives
Ismail Karatepe
  • Economics Tutorial
Dr. Frank Klobes
  • Strategies of Multinational Corporations and Labor
Prof. Dr. Beatrice Knerr
  • Development Economics
  • Migration and Global Labor Markets
Prof.Dr. Eugenia Leone/ Prof.Dr. Paulo Baltar
  • Undertanding the Brazilian Job Miracle
  • Quantitative Methods
Christian Möllmann
  • Governance of the World Market: Institutions, Instruments, and Experiences
  • Global Political Economy of Finance
  • Pension politics and policy
Prof. Bernd Reiter, PhD
  • Comparative Methods
Prof. Dr. Sabine Ruß
  • Europe’s Role in the Globalisation Process
Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer
  • Governance of the World Market: Institutions, Instruments, and Experiences
  • Theories of International Political Economy
  • Advanced Theories of International Political Economy
  • Regulating Global Finance
  • Advanced Writing Skills and Research Methods
Prof. Dr. Helen Schwenken
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Migration and Global Labor Markets
  • Gender and Globalization
Nina Ulbrich
  • Political Science Tutorial
Prof.Dr. Christa Wichterich
  • Gender in Neoliberal Globalizations
Dr. Joscha Wullweber
  • Theories of International Political Economy/International Relations
  • Governance of the World Market.
  • Post-structural approaches to International Relations/ International Political Economy
  • Critical Security Studies
PD Dr. Aram Ziai
  • Development discourse in the age of globalization
  • North-South relations and development policy
  • Globalization, global economic governance and global protest