Current research for climate adapted cities

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Current research for climate adapted cities

The changing climate scenarios and development of climate resilient smart cities designs require very detailed consideration of urban climate. The application of meteorological knowledge for urban planning, smart city design and climate adaptation policy can lead to more climate resilient urban regions in the future. In this seminar, the focus will be on current research and related papers of urban climate science in the form of lectures, discussion and presentations. The participants will read, discuss and present current research articles. Guest speakers will be part of the seminar from the field of climatology and present their recent research results. Participants will submit a final assignment of selected topic at the end of the semester.


  • Reading and presenting scientific articles related to environmental meteorology, architecture, urban and landscape planning, landscape architecture as well as global and highly recognized topics related to urban climate science.
  • Connecting with international scientists
  • Understanding of structure and style of scientific articles
  • Developing skills for scientific research discussions, presentations and group activities


  • Weekly Seminar (Thursday)
  • Presentations
  • Written assignments


The participants will be graded based on their presentations, participation during the seminar and written assignments in the form of a final report at the end of the seminar.

Language: This seminar will be held in English

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